World News – GB – Spitting image: Old target’s harsh predictions for satirical puppet show on display


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The popular TV show will return today after a 24-year hiatus First aired in 1984, the satirical hit notably mocked Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major as well as a number of celebrities Snapshots of the new season of ‘Spitting Image’ suggest it will follow in the same ilk, with world leaders Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in the crosshairs Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, activist for climate change Greta Thunberg, Gary Lineker and Piers Morgan will also star Roger Law, one of the show’s creators, revealed the show’s backlash amid predictions for the first season

The former newspaper designer recalled that they never received angry comments from those they laughed at despite their regular attacks on the upper echelons of society

M Law told the Telegraph: « The English can’t say ‘I was deeply offended’ because they look like they can’t take a joke »

The creators claimed that a number of their subjects were « happy to be photographed with their puppets » and some people pressed for them to be featured

Peter Fluck said they had « resisted [Lord] Jeffrey Archer for a very long time » despite his regular requests

M Fluck recalled: « He used to send photographs and voice tapes with letters asking when his puppet would be ready »

At its peak, over 15 million viewers watched Spitting Image’s weekly attacks on politicians and celebrities

One of the people to introduce was Lord Norman Tebbit, who served in Mrs Thatcher’s cabinet for six years from 1981

Lord Tebbit wrote in a column for the Telegraph: « He also made me emotionally accessible with what you would call a typical Millwall supporter

« [They] had a pretty bad reputation for being tough They felt I was one of them, through my puppet »

Ahead of the new season’s debut, the columnist claimed it was « a rich area right now » for political satire and gave his predictions for the episode

He wrote: « I think maybe they’re a little mean to Starmer, who will probably be almost invisible

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« Boris, I expect to be with a lot of young children, all of them calling him ‘daddy’ and a little confused as to where he was going

Since the release of the trailer for “Spitting Image” and the posting of photos of several puppets on Twitter, some have criticized the series

A number of people online have lambasted them for their portrayal of Thunberg – due to his age of 17 and autism – but Mr. Law defended this decision

He said: « I was at the studio with the puppets and one of the younger ones said there was a hoo-ha on Twitter about Thunberg

« It’s a girl, why are you doing this? » And then suddenly there were some laughs, and Thunberg had tweeted that she liked her puppet It was the end « 

Some also criticized the show’s decision to portray Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with a big nose – which some considered anti-Semetic

M Law said: « We get questions like ‘Is your Zuckerberg racist? « I say no, we make big noses, we big ears, this is not racist – this is a personalized caricature »

In a teased scene from « Spitting Image », M Johnson, US President Trump and Russian President Putin fought in a sauna

When asked if he fears the White House’s response to the image of the American leader, Mr. Law replied, « Nobody knows where I live and I won’t tell Donald »

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World News – GB – Spitting Image: Old Target’s harsh predictions for satirical puppet show exposed



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