World News – GB – Sweet 16 party connected to 37 COVID-19 cases in ‘super-spreader’ event: officials


A Sweet 16 party at a food hall in Long Island, New York, is being called a COVID-19 « super-spreader event » which has now been connected to 37 confirmed cases, officials said

The Seven 25th anniversary celebration also resulted in the quarantine of 270 people, Suffolk County Director Steve Bellone said on Tuesday at a press briefing

The number of guests has reportedly exceeded the state’s maximum of 50 public gatherings and there was no widespread respect for wearing face masks or social distancing, officials said

The venue, the Miller Place Inn in Miller Place, has been fined $ 10,000 for violating state decree and public health law, Bellone said He was also fined $ 2,000 for a health code violation, he said.

The first case linked to the Sweet 16 party was confirmed on September 30, Bellone said, as the Suffolk County Health Department investigated a number of COVID-19 cases in the school district of Sachem

The health department voluntarily obtained a copy of the Sweet 16 guest list, which contained 81 guests – 49 students and 32 adults, officials said

After entering the guest list into the county’s contact tracing system, the investigation identified 37 positive cases – nine adults and 28 students at eight different schools – linked to the party, officials said In addition, 270 people have been quarantined, including individuals in 35 schools, officials said.

“There is no precise definition of what a super-spreader event is,” said Bellona “But in Suffolk County we have never seen an event like this at any time during this pandemic For Suffolk County this was a very common occurrence « 

This investigation marked the first time the county has taken action against a company during the pandemic, Bellone said

« This group should serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of violating COVID-19 rules and regulations, » he said « We don’t want to see businesses shut down and schools shut down »

Sachem Nord high school has been closed since October 1 after identifying cases of COVID-19 linked to a social event held on the weekend of September 25, according to school officials Since Sept 30, the school has found 15 cases Scheduled to reopen for in-person learning on Wednesday

ABC News was unable to reach Miller Place Inn owners for comment Inn co-owner and manager Christopher Regina told Newsday that he and the other owners « understand that we are operating within the guidelines set by the county and state « 

« My lawyer will inform us of the next step », he told the publication « We do not know if the infection was found to be caused in our establishment »

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News from around the world – GB – A Sweet 16 evening connected to 37 cases of COVID-19 at an event «  super-spreader  »: official



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