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If there was a bright moment in a garbage fire in 2020, it was a video Doggface208 (real name Nathan Apodaca) singing the rocky ethereal Soft Fleetwood Mac’s « dreams » while skiing and drinking cranberry juice from Ocean Spray. In fact, since then, things have started to improve. So while the Apodaca skateboarding video – and the subsequent video Mick Fleetwod answered – definitely represented a pure joyful escape moment, we think it may have had something to do with the classic Stevie Nicks song.

The song is now a beacon for self-reflection, relaxation and letting the little things go, yet the song was originally composed during one of the most turbulent moments in Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks’ career. Written for the band’s influential album Rumors, at the time of recording, the group couldn’t have been far in their personal relationships.. The couple from the set, John and Christine McVeigh as well as Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, were collapsing before their very eyes while Mick Fleetwood was also going through a divorce himself.. Things at Fleetwood Camp were far from good.

This overall sadness coupled with the group’s insatiable appetite for cocaine means that the recording process will decline as one of the most dysfunctional folklore of rock and roll. It makes the parallel tone of the record feel even more subtle as the group wraps the dark truth in a warm audio quilt.. Two examples of the classic rock sugar coating of a somewhat bitterness can be heard in Lindsay Buckingham’s hit song « Go Your Own Way, » which directly targets the Knicks, and of course her spiky response « Dreams. ».

The song arrived like any other Steve Nix song, with little time to itself, “One day when I wasn’t wanted in the main studio,” Nicks told Blender magazine, “I took Fender Rhodes’ piano and went to another studio that was said to belong to Sly Stone, from Sly and Family Stone.

« It was a black and red room, with a recessed hole in the middle where there was a piano, and a large black velvet bed with Victorian curtains.. I sat on the bed with the keyboard in front of me. I found a drum pattern, turned on my mini cassette player and wrote the song « Dreams » in about 10 minutes, « Nicks emphasized, » It will probably break the hearts of struggling songwriters everywhere..

“I immediately liked the fact that I was doing something with a dance rhythm, because that made it so unusual for me. This song was apparently talking about the Knicks transition from her troubled relationship with Buckingham. His song « Go Your Own Way » sparked a strong reaction from the Knicks, who had been subjected to a certain insult in class « Pack your bags, shake, whatever you want to do, » she later told Q magazine: « It was the Fairy and the Dwarf. ». I was trying to be completely philosophical. He was just crazy.

Regardless of personal relationships, the band still needs to present a bunch of songs for the new album and this ultimately means that all of the group’s personal moments will be shared at one point or another.. I remember the night you wrote Ahlam. Nicks recalled to the Daily Mail, « I went in and handed a tape of the song to Lindsay, » and apparently prefers to rip the band. “It was a difficult process, I just sing and play the piano. Even though he was mad at me at the time, Lindsay played it up and then looked at me and smiled.

“What was happening between us was sad. We were couples who were unable to succeed. But, as musicians, we still have respect for each other – and we’ve gotten to have some great songs.

With Nicks sharing such a personal song, with the phrase « players only love you when they play », aimed directly at Buckingham, there was a natural fear of the rest of the band.. They weren’t stupid about it. But I said « Please! Please record this song, at least give it a try. ». Because the way I play things sometimes . . . You really have to listen. In fact, Kristen McPhee wasn’t convinced at first.

McVeigh, who was also struggling with relationship issues between bands, said the song was « only three chords and one left-hand note » and called it « boring ». In a strange course of events, it will be the track’s subject matter that will help Knicks carry the song onto the album. Not until Buckingham designed « three sections of identical strings, which make each section look completely different. ». It created the impression that there was a thread running through it all.

The soundtrack has become one of the most popular and impressive group catalog. It’s also one of Mick Fleetwood’s favorites. When asked to choose his favorite songs from the group, he said, “Dreams are given. I think it’s the most famous song Stevie has ever written. I think the introduction is one of those stupid little things that came from the drummer who played Al Green and The Staple Singers, so it’s from my love for what I call « fatty music. ». «  It has a real feel, and it’s lazy, just behind the beat – so simple but well thought out.

«  The beat of the song, as I found out, is something that really pulls the drums, so take that as a compliment. It’s something I’ve taken from great players that I love so much: Make it greasy and stay gambling. You should be in the slot!

« Dreams » is now turning into a hymn of hope. With the tide turning into a terrible year, and world events once again feeling close to achieving some kind of parity, the Fleetwood Mac song can be said to be heard as the zeitgeist moment of the year..

Yes, scratch underneath it all, loosen the strings that tie this fabric together, things still look bleak, still full of turmoil and potentially dreadful anxiety. But, it’s big but, if you cover the grain of bitter reality, personal or global, in the soft, ethereal rocky rays of the sun, hop on your skateboard and grab some cranberry juice, with « dreams » you can escape reality for a moment or two..

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