World News – GB – Two British teenagers killed, third seriously injured parasailing in Greece


High winds caused the group to drift towards the rocks after the rope holding the parachute broke during the Rhodes incident

Two British teenagers were killed and a third seriously injured after a broken rope holding their parasailing parachute

The trio, presumably siblings, were found on rocks near Lindos on the island of Rhodes

High winds drifted the group towards the rocks after their parachute broke, Greek media reported

« A 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old young man were found dead on the rocks near the town of Lindos in Rhodes, » the Greek Coast Guard press office said

The country’s official news agency reported on Wednesday evening that doctors are struggling to keep the third teenager alive He has been described by media as the twin brother of the 15-year-old boy who died

The teenagers had arrived in Rhodes a few days ago and were on vacation with their parents at a nearby hotel

It was parasailing, a water sport where one or more people are towed behind a boat as they are attached to a parachute-like awning that lifts them into the air

Water sports in Greece are coming under increasing scrutiny as regulations are tightened and sports centers need to be specially certified to operate Greek news site Ektaktanea reported that current regulations for the parasailing in the country states that towing three or more people at the same time is prohibited

Rhodes officials have confirmed that the man driving the speedboat at the time of the tragedy and the owner of the water sports company have been arrested and will appear before an island prosecutor on Thursday

This is not the first time that a British holidaymaker has been killed in a parasailing incident In 2011, two men in Turkey were jailed after the death of a father when his harness broke in a parachute ascending Russian tourist, 18, died in Turkey last year when his parasail cable broke 60 meters above the sea and landed in a palm tree

A spokesperson for the UK Foreign Office said: ‘We are supporting the family of two Britons after their death in Rhodes and are in contact with the Greek authorities »

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News from around the world – GB – Two British teenagers killed and third seriously injured parasailing in Greece



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