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Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, and the leaders of the 10 councils in the region, issued a joint statement saying they oppose any government move to place them under restrictions of level 3, very high alert ones which are currently only in effect on Merseyside They say:

First, the evidence does not currently support it The Covid infection rate in Greater Manchester is much lower, at 3,576 cases per 100,000, compared to the Liverpool city area which is at level 3 at 4,880 cases per 100,000 In addition, our hospital admission rate is much lower than that of the LCR [Liverpool city region], as Deputy Managing Director Jonathan Van Tam pointed out during his press conference this week Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust The 7-day moving average of Covid patients in beds is around 225 and in the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust it is at 100

Second, the financial package accompanying level 3 is far from sufficient to avoid serious difficulties, widespread job losses and business failures

In the statement, which is relatively long and detailed, the leaders say they « reject the government’s current desire to press places to enter Level 3 » They also say they fear that the government’s current strategy leaves « large parts of northern England trapped at level 3 for much of the winter »

They say over the weekend they presented the government with an alternative strategy, involving Greater Manchester being at Level 2 for up to four weeks, combined with advice getting new powers to enforce Covid security, with testing and whereabouts localized, and 10pm closing time rule under review But government has not provided a substantive response, they say

And they also say that as an alternative to the government’s current approach some of them prefer to see a brief national lockdown They say:

If cases continue to rise as expected and the government continues to refuse to provide the substantial economic support that Level 3 areas will need, then a number of Greater Manchester leaders believe that a national shutdown, with the required financial support being a preferable option This would create the conditions for a reset of the test and trace service to a more locally controlled operation which, with cases reduced to a lower level, would be more likely to be successful

The declaration is signed by Burnham, his deputy Bev Hughes and the leaders of the councils of Manchester, Rochdale, Salford, Oldham, Bolton, Wigan, Bury, Tameside, Trafford and Stockport They are all Labor politicians except the leader of Bolton, David Greenhalgh, who is curator

At the Northern Ireland assembly, Arlene Foster, the Prime Minister, has just said that the executive will find ways to help businesses forced to close by the new rules

Unite, the largest union in Northern Ireland, said it was workers in the region who were being punished by the ‘failure’ of local politicians to deal with the Covid-19 crisis in this country

Responding to the announcement of new restrictions, Neil Moore, organizer of Unite for the hospitality industry in the region, said local workers in the industry « feel kicked out while they are down and will pay the price again for this global pandemic « 

He added: « Politicians have failed to control the virus and hotel workers feel punished for this failure Many will face layoffs or will have to survive on a paltry two-thirds of the minimum wage before Christmas « 

The Retail Consortium of Northern Ireland, while welcoming the decision to keep the retail sector open during the four weeks of closure, called on the public entering stores to play their part in washing hands, keeping distance and wearing a mask in stores

Aodhán Connolly, the director of the consortium, also called on the public in Northern Ireland to avoid a new wave of panic buying because « supply chains remain strong and goods move freely, there is no therefore no need to stock up ”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the Commons, has said he would like the Commons to return to operating on a largely virtual basis, as he did during the lockdown in the spring In an interview with Times Radio, he said it was up to the House to decide whether to return to an almost virtual parliament. But asked him what he would do if it was his decision, he said: « I would say let’s look at it right now and start moving to a new place »

He also urged MPs to take care of their health and warned that they could become ‘super-spreaders’ He said:

What we have to be careful [is that] MPs could easily become super-spreaders because they come from all parts of the country Whatever happens, people’s lives matter most, their health comes first and people with certain medical conditions, people of a certain age – I say you need to take care of yourself

My advice – not instructions – is to say: put yourself first, take care of yourself and make sure you are there for the long haul don’t put yourself in danger – you travel or enter in this building

New: Speaker of Commons urges MPs to stay away from Parliament as fears grow it will once again become a hotbed of coronavirus Organized a series of appeals last week with vulnerable MPs and more to inform them of the growing risk of contracting a covid on the Westminster estate

His advice follows several virus outbreaks in Parliament One focuses on the Parliamentary Police Force, which has so far reportedly seen 45 Metropolitan Police officers tested positive in Wave 2 – just 17 in one day last week

DUP assembly member Keith Buchanan asks what consideration has been given to the impact of measures on young people

Foster says management took into account the impact of school closures from March and he considered the impact on students with special needs She says that is why they decided to close schools for a few more days

Assembly SDLP member Colin McGrath asks what financial aid will be available to people

Foster says the restrictions will go into effect on Friday, so people have time to plan

She says last night the executive discussed measures Tomorrow they will discuss support measures She hopes there will be an agreement

Here is the press release from the executive of Northern Ireland with details on the new rules

They will last four weeks, but any decision to exit must be taken with care A decision will have to be made by the executive, she says

Current restrictions will continue, she says, on meetings allowed in people’s homes and gardens

The paddling will be limited to 10 people There will be no overnight stays unless people are in a bubble

Pubs and other premises in the hotel sector will be closed apart from take-out meals, with a closing time of 11 p.m.

The school semester will be extended, so that it runs from October 19 to 30 And students will return on November 2

Arlene Foster, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, delivers statement to Stormont on new rules for the region

This is from Sam McBride of the News Letter in Belfast He has details of the nrew restrictions for Northern Ireland which are about to be announced in Stormont

Here it is: I got a copy of the new restrictions that Arlene Foster & Michelle O’Neill will announce to the Assembly at 10:30 am They come into effect on Friday & will last four weeks Any extension or modification requires agreement from the executive picTwittercom / HfNeqKS7F5

Newspapers, especially those with a conservative lean, this morning are publishing reports that Boris Johnson is considering introducing a brief lockdown in England – even though a government source informed reporters last night that Sir Keir Starmer was a  » shameless opportunist ”when he advocated exactly that

The Telegraph (paywall) says Johnson will consider a « breaker » if his current strategy doesn’t work He says:

Government sources have said the prime minister could order pubs, restaurants and some other businesses to shut down for two weeks if measures taken at Covid hotspots on Wednesday do not reverse the spread of the virus

A decision will be made towards the end of next week, ahead of the public school mid-term vacation that begins October 26 and would mark the start of any temporary lockdowns

One of the options being considered is regional circuit breakers, which the Prime Minister may prefer after comparing a second nationwide lockdown to « nuclear deterrence » A senior source said the chances of a circuit breaker were « d ‘at least 80% « 

The Sun says there is a 60% chance the PM will order a mid-term mini-lockout He says:

The PM has so far dismissed warnings from his medical advisers that a major reset is needed

A close Cabinet colleague said last night there was a 60% chance he would introduce the measure in mid-term, which begins for several weeks on Friday

And the Daily Express also reports the PM is considering a ‘short and sharp’ mid-term lockdown He says:

A well-connected conservative insider said: « Number 10 doesn’t like the idea of ​​a blanket national lockdown, but is planning targeted regional action that would be pretty close to the breaker idea »

The move is likely to come in the week starting Monday, October 26, when most English schools are on a mid-term break, but could be extended for up to two weeks

A Tory MP added: « It feels like a big crackdown is underway and halfway through is the obvious time to do it »

This is from Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, responding to reports that the UK government is considering placing their region under Level 3 (very high risk) restrictions, instead of Level 2 restrictions

Since a meeting on Friday, the government has not discussed these issues with us Instead, the pressure is exerted via press briefings Later today, I will explain to you why the current Tier 3 proposal is basically defective and why we will not accept it https: // tco / 6js7Zo9zg4

Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, praised the document written by scientists at Sage saying a brief national lockdown could save lives (See 906:00) « This is an analysis important and further proof that a short circuit break is needed to control the virus, fix testing and tracing and ultimately save lives, « he said

Growing concerns over access to influenza vaccines for the very old are highlighted in the Scottish press this morning, with the program being labeled a ‘mess’

The responsibility for delivering the jabs has been handed over to boards of health this year, instead of general practitioners, but the Herald reports that a software glitch means that in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the largest board of health in ‘Scotland, people in their 60s will take priority over older people

There are also reports of older people left in limbo and unable to access information about the new system – which was meant to keep them away from general surgeries and this limits potential exposure to the coronavirus

/ p>

Meanwhile, pharmacies across Scotland have stopped offering private flu shots after unprecedented demand wiped out stocks

Elsewhere in Scotland, the Western Isles Board of Health warned against car sharing after it emerged that an outbreak in Uist had been linked to the practice Earlier this month, the NHS Western Isles said public transportation issues in Uist, coupled with work schedules, meant some health and social workers had to carpool to and from work.

« Circuit breaker ») Explaining why, she said:

Parliament just voted last night for this national three-level approach with much stronger local measures where they are needed

And we have to take the communities with us across the country to have some of the national measures, but frankly the Labor Party was saying that 19 of the 20 zones in these lockdowns made no difference, now they want to see a lockdown national

I don’t think this is the right approach Right now we need to give localized interventions this chance to really have an effect so that together we can focus on saving lives and livelihoods. subsistence

Coffey was also asked about the 42 Tories who voted against the government yesterday when they opposed regulations implementing the mandatory 10 p.m. closing time When asked if they would lose the whip, she replied:

It’s still the business of the chief whip [Mark Spencer] I very much doubt it

The full list of 42 Tories who voted against the government on it is here They were joined by 23 Labor MPs, 10 Liberal Democrats, DUP MPs and Caroline Lucas of the Greens

Cumbrian Police warned Scots not to cross the border on Saturday to watch the Old Firm game in bars and pubs there after several bars and pubs were contacted by Scottish football fans in hope to visit

Celtic and Rangers fans and venues were warned ahead of the match that the rule of six will be strictly enforced by Cumbria Police

Pubs, bars and restaurants in central Scotland are closed for two weeks, while those elsewhere in Scotland can only serve alcohol outside until 10pm curfew

Superintendent Matt Kennerley said: ‘We understand that restrictions on licensed establishments in Scotland could offer the temptation to travel south of the border to visit our pubs and bars – but anyone breaking the rules here is at risk of a fine »

He highlighted advice from the Scottish Government that people should not travel outside of their local board of health area

Large crowds gathered in central Liverpool last night as pubs closed at 10pm, ahead of the area facing very high level 3 alert restrictions from today, which means that bars will only be allowed to serve alcohol with a heavy meal

These images shame our city, attacking our brave police officers is unacceptable Our health service creaks, 300 at the & hospital 30 people died during the week 😱 ignoring these facts is the reason why we are in level 3 measures https : // tco / WIW12AuAhr

Anderson’s tweet says city’s health department is creaking On this morning’s Today show, Paul Brant, a cabinet member for adult health and social care at Liverpool City Council, said that intensive care in the city was now at 90% of capacity He told the program:

Our critical care and critical care beds fill up very quickly The most recent numbers I have seen suggest that they are over 90% full and that our acute care hospital trusts have high rates of occupation of more than 250 Covid-positive patients

At the current rate of increase, we would expect Liverpool to likely exceed the peak of the first wave in the next seven to ten days

It has become clear that the intensity of demand for hospital services here in Liverpool crowds out anything other than dealing with Covid

Hello Boris Johnson may have thought on Monday, when he announced the three-tier alert system for England, that he had resolved the coronavirus policy – at least for the next week or two – but 48 hours later, he’s under intense pressure to switch again, and set up a short « circuit breaker » lockout. Partly because he appeared late Monday night that Sage, the band government science advisory for emergencies, was in favor, in part because Labor embraced the idea yesterday, and this morning an unpublished article by Sage scientists gives figures on lives that could be at risk if Johnson persists in its current policy

An article from members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) shows that a full two-week lockdown, with stay-at-home orders and school closures, from October 24 could reduce the number of deaths for the rest of the year from around 19,900 to 12,100 Hospital admissions could be reduced from 132,400 to 66,500

A limited lockdown, with schools and shops open, but reception areas closed, could reduce the death toll to 15,600

The article by Graham Medley, president of Sage’s SPI-M modeling group, and SPI-M members Matt Keeling, Louise Dyson, Michael Tildesley and Edward Hill, models the effect of different restrictions at different times

They say that “the optimal time for a break is always now; there are no good epidemiological reasons for delaying the break ”, although they add that it could also be applied during the Christmas holidays or the spring semester

1030h: Northern Ireland assembly meets to hear details of new partial lockdown plans for the region

1115h: Robert Buckland, Justice Secretary, testifies before a Committee of Lords on the Home Market Bill

Around 1245h: MEPs start two debates on labor motions relating to Covid economic support and contact tracing

At some point today, ministers are also meeting to discuss the possibility of Greater Manchester moving to tighter Tier 3 restrictions – the very high alert level

According to @BBCMattCole yday, government health officials are talking about moving Greater Manchester and Lancashire into the toughest restriction category today

And Johnson is also due to meet with Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, ahead of the EU summit which begins tomorrow

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