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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said his driver Max Verstappen’s secular criticism of Lance Stroll during yesterday’s practice was an « emotional » reaction

Asked about his driver’s furious reaction to the collision, Horner said, « I think the emotion goes in there, it’s that kind of character »

Verstappen collided with Stroll as they entered the first side-by-side corner The Red Bull driver had the mistaken impression that his rival was backing up and would not start another fast lap, while Stroll had no idea that Verstappen had drawn to his side

“His expectations were very different from the result,” explained Horner “What you need to remember, these pilots, there are things that come with them throughout the session Some pilots work together and some don’t not And sometimes, if Max gets behind Lance or Ocon, it can get colorful « 

Asked yesterday that he was concerned that someone would object to his choice of words, Verstappen replied: « It’s not my problem »

The collision ended Stroll’s session, while Verstappen was able to continue. “It wasn’t too bad,” Horner said, “a little damage to the bargeboard was all so he was fixed relatively quickly « 

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It depends on what you mean by bad language If you mean to swear, there are a thousand reasons other than emotion to use it And in many cases you don’t even need a reason If you mean insults like Mongolian can be excused with emotion, do you put the n-word in that category as well? Or well-known gay slurs? I see no excuse for this kind of language

Sorry to say if it was Hamilton the whole world would probably come and crush him

Delay and Mongolian, I know that in the heat of the moment, is not acceptable Common in the Netherlands, but still unacceptable

They aren’t really acceptable in (most of) the Netherlands anymore either, but it’s hard to change the things you’ve heard and said for 20 years, especially when you’re angry I guess

Verstappen gave the impression that the little prince had denied the priority he thought he had the right to have

I think what is missing – Horner and a lot of people – is for everyone to lounge around; I’m very prone to muffled explosions myself, I think it’s totally understandable when drivers let out a series of curses I really like the **** ***** explosion type ** with which they can go out in the heat of the moment

What’s different between getting into a swear-filled rant and using slurs is that it’s not normal language Insults aren’t a higher level of swear words to show you mean it really, these are obscenities that specifically hurt other people A lot of people take them in their vocabulary – I did this when I was a teenager, about South Park, as I’m sure many others do. did – but you get rid of them when you realize how harmful they are

Nelson Piquet Jr was fined for calling another NASCAR driver (at the time) a homophobic insult on Instagram in 2013 (when I’m not sure F1 knew what it was Instagram ) and I think it would be appropriate for Verstappen to be issued community service, as a result of his incident with Ocon a few years ago, with the FIA ​​Handicap Commission Motorsport must be inclusive, period final

If you were to use m * ngol on Twitch you would be banned, to see how acceptable this is or not.If the FIA ​​and FOM choose to do nothing, it will reflect the reputation of the sport extremely badly I don’t think any sort of on-track sanction would be appropriate, but encouraging education and awareness would be

I don’t think Max is a bad person, I just think there has to be a clear line regarding inclusive language Are you calling aw ***** or d ******* or, like he did with Sainz earlier in the session, ac *** by all means (I actually thought the Sainz thing was very funny, muffled in the pit lane sulking during the first red flag) but it is never acceptable to use insults

(just because I know 9,046,898 people are going to try this one: yes that often means someone is stupid is because they are comparing people with neurodivergent or people with Down syndrome to stupid people, this is precisely why this is offensive, as well as the ignoring historical context)

@hazelsouthwell LM should invite you as a marshal or sort of PR teacher for racing drivers

These strict rules about what people can say and how people can say it create an environment in which only highly privileged and competent people can navigate They exclude very many people

I think opinions like yours are the result of a very privileged life, where you only see the needs of those who are a little less privileged, who are part of your highly privileged bubble

@aapje Absolutely ridiculous Without going into my own life, it’s easy to explain to children why not use hurtful words – this is something we teach people very early in their life « Don’t use d ‘insults’ is not the basis of the dialectic

I have Asperger’s syndrome, so I would definitely fall into the category of people who might have a harder time navigating, but I don’t because the message to be kinder, where you can, doesn’t it’s not difficult to understand

In general, these are immensely privileged people who believe they can talk without it having any consequences. Like, for example, the millionaire Formula 1 drivers; it is good for sport to lead by example when it comes to discussing openly that mistakes can be made in language, the damage done and lessons learned and improved afterwards

See my comment below (we x-posted) In reality, I see strong standards of civility being militarized against neurodivergents, less intelligent, less educated, etc.

A US survey found that 80% of the population doesn’t like political correctness and it’s pretty obvious that those who love it are the most privileged in society You don’t see a lot of truly marginalized people asking for it If 80% of people don’t like what you do, you are not inclusive You are helping a small elite

Slavoj Žižek is good at explaining that political correctness simply isolates people from each other by scare them of making the wrong comment, whereas solving marginalization requires a deep social connection that political correctness actually makes more difficult:

Note that he specifically calls out English (and Japanese) culture for their cultural norm of marginalizing (and oppressing) others with language that seems respectful, but has a strong undercurrent of « the other. »

What I often see is that neurodivergent people build a community that meets their needs, which often means having different standards from the rest of society and therefore often ridiculed

Then the «  pro-diversity  » busy people demand that these standards be changed to be more «  inclusive,  » but what really happens is that they are stealing that community from those in it. ‘have built, transforming it into a much more normal space, even though more normal people already have many more opportunities Then, the needs of much more marginalized people are no longer served and they are therefore even more marginalized, while already privileged people fight their chests, arrogantly claiming to have helped the marginalized, when in fact they are helping their own privileged

@aapje I don’t know what you are talking about, but F1 is not a neurodiversity driven industry (although there are a lot of neurodiverse people working in and around it) and asking that insults are considered bad is not to control or disrupt neurodivergent spaces

As I said above, I have Asperger’s disease myself (I’m two points away from the maximum you can score on diagnoses) and find it easy to tell an adult that the use of insults is unacceptable It is easy to understand that you can just use other words to express yourself and I see no reason why Verstappen would be able not to

Aapje, your argument makes no sense How is mocking people with Down syndrome okay, regardless of their social class? The fact that this is from Verstappen, who is one of the most privileged people on the planet, He was already called out about this 3 years ago, when he used the same word in an interview about a race marshal It’s vile and shameful

Years ago I would say « that’s pretty g @ y » to say something was wrong It was common in my job at the time because I was a chef and we were all really sworn. , someone called me about this and my choice of words and I thought about it and they were 100% right to educate me on this, after all I never considered homosexuality bad Likewise, there is no excuse for Verstappen, you are the product of your upbringing and he should take time to think about his words when he is in the position he is in.

Most of the people here who say this language is unacceptable, etc., are probably the ones who swear the most when driving their own car There’s only one difference, these people don’t have a built-in radio that records them

When adrenaline rushes through your body and your first reaction is an emotion, that’s just what you get And the language he used is just a literal translation of a dutch driver declaiming

/ p>

Nonsense Sure, people swear in their cars, including me, but that’s the kind of language Hazel listed above When you’re an F1 driver you’re not just a driver, you represent a brand, and like Hazel said, he didn’t just say the C word for more power, he used a racial insult used against people with stockings. Wasn’t a driver sacked from his NASCAR team for saying the n-word during an electronic race? It’s not that bad, but it draws a similar parallel

This doesn’t mean that afterwards you shouldn’t think about what you said and accept that you said something that you shouldn’t have at that moment

True maturity doesn’t have to be perfect every moment – it’s the ability to reflect on when you might have made a mistake and be able to recognize it and learn from it

Right now, that’s what Max is being criticized for – not just the use of that term, but the refusal to admit that what he said was wrong. This is made worse by the fact that in the past, when he used such insults, he later admitted that he was wrong to do so – so in that sense his behavior got worse because he now seems to take the attitude that it is acceptable to use these bindings

@Dieter, you have an excuse to say that « retard » is used as a disgorgement for people with down @Keith you have no excuse Can you correct this If you want to know the horrible expression used against people with Down is « mong »

My mistake Pardon Need glasses and read the sentence correctly before being « outraged »

They say that « the latter is used as a derogatory term », and the word used in Mongolian Where are their mistakes?

I have no problem with drivers who show emotion, especially in the heat of the track action My problem is that Max does it continuously, but he is seen as Max being Max (rightly so too!) However… if Lewis, for example, used such language, can you imagine the collapse that would occur! Oh humanity! Lando is another who doesn’t have to complain about his language and behavior in the car All of this is going well and you have to expect highly motivated men, but I don’t like unfair reviews and unbalanced conductors

I’m not leading Lando using derogatory language? I’m surprised because he has a habit of trying to be inclusive What sort of thing does he say?

As good a driver as Verstappen and he’s one of the best, this kind of rubbish could kill his career The one thing sponsors won’t tolerate from an athlete is bad public behavior

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World news – GB – Verstappen’s’ colorful ‘language and’ emotional ‘reaction – Horner · RaceFans



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