World News – GB – #YNaijaEndSARSupdate: Yahaya Bello volunteers to lead the #EndSARS protest seems like the joke of the century


Besides the struggle to end the impunity with which the Nigerian police operate, the systemic corruption that has impoverished the population is another endemic problem that the protesters of #EndSARS seek to eradicate from the system. amazing Nigerians went mad when the most unlikely person volunteered to lead the #EndSARS protest recently

Twitter was buzzing on Monday night when Yahaya Bello, in an interview that went viral, volunteered to lead Young Nigerians, the focus of the protest, couldn’t help but voice their perplexity on hearing the news

Yahaya Bello said he wanted to be our leader… Yahaya Bello oh my people, I’m lmfao, the governors are coming to support the fight now because they know what’s coming, they are in disguise, don’t you don’t let my people fool, we know them WE WE HAVE NO LEADER #EndSARS #EndBadGoveranceInNigeria picTwittercom / 1UK306b8dB

For good reason, the young people made the protest as civil as possible, excluding distractions, forms of political overtones and the agendas of outside forces aimed at hijacking and manipulating the protest for personal gain.

The driving force behind the protest has been nothing but outright rage over years of oppression from the powers that be, an insatiable desire for justice, and a steadfast resolve to fix the endemic rot in the system against all odds – all with a voice and devoid of any form of unwanted leadership

No wonder that when figures like Segun Awosanya, popularly known as Segalink and Omoyele Sowore, attempted to take on leadership roles in the ongoing #EndSARS protest, they quickly fell out with the protesters. Their years of « experience » did not prevent this from happening as their ideologies seemed to conflict with that of the movement. Nigerians continued to repeat that the protests had no leader and were not open to change, regardless of years of experience

You’d think this sent a signal to anyone with a hero complex to kill any dreams of becoming the leader of the protest Imagine the surprise when Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, whose performances in power are quite exceptional, said he was ready to lead the protests

For someone who is seen to be part of the rampant corruption that young people struggle against, volunteering to lead the #EndSARS movement is nothing less than a parody of the struggle of the young people. wasted no time in pointing out all the reasons his lyrics were funny, and he was a joker to even think of being part of the movement

I used to think Bovi was Nigeria’s funniest comedian until today when I saw the video of Yahaya Bello volunteering to lead the #EndSARS protest #EndSARSImmediately

The level of mismanagement of funds allegedly spent on certain white « elephant projects » in the Bello administration is quite similar to what is happening at the top levels of government, which has contributed to the anger which led to calls for a total overhaul of the system

Yahaya Bello, who used N7billion to build a canopy isolation center, wants to lead the #EndSARS movement 😂

The governor and his deputy, Simon Achuba, for example, have allocated a total of N14 million for the organization of burial ceremonies in the 2019 state finance law, according to reports – although it was not clearly stated for whose funeral the funds were allocated A whooping cough of 12 million naira was reserved for the governor for a funeral, while the vice-governor was awarded 2 million naira in the same purpose under the house provisions of the state government Another attractive provision of N15 million has been made for the “rental of private homes,” while N70 million has been allocated for donations. And the list goes on

In that same 2019, a report from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) ranked Kogi as the most corrupt state in the country

How then could he think of volunteering to lead the #EndSARS protest with such a legacy marred by allegations of corruption? The very thing that young people are fighting to get out of the system?

It’s one of two things; he probably thinks we’re kidding or he clearly has no idea what the #EndSARS event is

The relationship between Nigerians and their leaders can be described as an abusive marriage where the victim remained silent

Following directives from the Governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, imposing a 24-hour curfew on the state from 9 p.m. on Tuesday,

It is said that the first chapter of a book often makes the difference between readers who finish it all

Various reactions have followed the #EndSARS protest since it started Serious opposition from the political class that initially turned

It has become easy over the past couple of weeks for people to just ignore any important event that occurs

It’s day 14 of the #EndSARS protests Nine days since Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu announced the

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World News – GB – #YNaijaEndSARSupdate: Yahaya Bello volunteering to lead the #EndSARS protest seems to be the joke of the century



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