World News – UA – Justin Bieber’s pastor fired from Hillsong East Coast mega-church for « moral failure »


Brian Houston, the founding pastor of the popular Hillsong mega-church, sent staff and members on the East Coast of Hillsong, New York on Wednesday that the branch’s senior pastor, Carl Lentz, was dismissed with immediate effect

Religion News Service (RNS) released the story today after receiving the email, which allegedly explained that the reason for Lentz’s dismissal was « leadership issues and breach of trust, as well as ‘a recent revelation of moral failures »

« I know this will shock you, but please know that this action was not taken lightly and was done for the benefit of all, including Pastor Carl, » Houston wrote in the e -mail, according to RNS Houston did not provide any further details about the termination other than adding that « the decision was made in order to honor God » and in the best interests of the church and Lentz. p>

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber were among the most popular worshipers at Hillsong Outpost, and Lentz personally baptized Justin In fact, the pastor had become so close to the famous couple that he brought them together Even joined on vacation Bono, sisters Jenner, Selena Gomez and Kevin Durant are among other celebrities who have also visited the east coast of Hillsong Another popular church for the famous is the adjacent Zoe Church in Hillsong, in which Chris Pratt participates and Ashley Benson

Lentz, 41, started the Manhattan outpost in Hillsong with Houston’s son Joel in 2010 Dressed in the latest fashions and covered in tattoos, Lentz struck a chord among young Christians at the trendy look that fulfilled its services Irving Plaza is the venue for Sunday morning gatherings in Hillsong, which also suits the look of those indoors. At night, it’s a legendary music venue that has hosted concerts by The Ramones and Iggy over the years. Pop

As his physical appearance suggested, Lentz has shown progressive views over the years After contracting the coronavirus in the spring, he spoke openly about the need for a vaccine This summer he appeared in a much-watched episode from the YouTube show « Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man » In conversation with host Emmanuel Acho, Lentz explained in depth how churches can all too often spread hatred. He told Acho: « I think in fact, you could say that churches could be one of the biggest propagators of racist ideology in our country »

Brian and his wife Bobbie Houston founded the first Hillsong Church in Australia in 1983 Hillsong has locations around the world in 28 countries and on average (i.e. before the pandemic) it hosts in average 150,000 participants per week

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World News – UA – Justin Bieber pastor fired from mega-church Hillsong East Coast for « moral failure »


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