World News – UA – Karl Stefanovic approves national anthem after NRL comes back on ban


Posted: 21:54 GMT, October 29, 2020 | Update: 21:59 GMT, October 29, 2020

Karl Stefanovic endorsed the national anthem after the NRL reversed its controversial decision to ban the singing of Advance Australia Fair in the home state

The call to remove the anthem came after an Australian Rugby League committee meeting on Wednesday night with league officials from New South Wales and Queensland

But after the move upset fans, including Prime Minister Scott Morrison, ARLC Chairman Peter V’landys overturned the decision

Last year’s series was dominated by the national anthem when native blues trio Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker and Josh Addo-Carr denounced their refusal to sing before the game

Cullen said: ‘We need to improve Karl I love the anthem, I love to sing it but it needs to be improved’

Barely two hours after announcing the decision to remove the anthem from the pre-match ceremony, ARLC President Peter V’landys bowed to a backlash and the restored

NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo said there had been discussions in various forums shortly after the decision was made public, while Mr. Morrison had also lobbied

Karl Stefanovic endorsed the national anthem after the NRL reversed its controversial decision to ban the singing of Advance Australia Fair to the home state

‘There have been many discussion forums in the media and in Australia today There have been many phone calls today between different stakeholders,’ Abdo said on Thursday afternoon

‘A number of fans have expressed their views on a number of different platforms and on that basis the commission met and decided that this decision was not the intention and that ‘so it was important to restore the national anthem to start of the State of origin ‘

Abdo explained that the removal of the anthem from the Origin matches was done to celebrate the rivalry between the state teams

The commission decided that the anthem was appropriate to be played only in the NRL Grand Finals, Anzac Day matches, and Test matches, and did not intend to create a divisive political debate

Pictured: The Queensland Maroons and New South Wales Blues represent the national anthem in the State of Origin 2019 series

Last year’s series was dominated by the issue when native blues trio Latrell Mitchell, Cody Walker and Josh Addo-Carr denounced before the game their refusal to sing

However, the initial decision to remove the anthem from this year’s Origin series was made without speaking to the NRL Indigenous Advisory Group.

Abdo said the NRL’s intentions were not politically motivated and therefore did not consult the advisory group before canceling the appeal

« Well, we haven’t spoken to them before that and they certainly weren’t lobbying, lobbying or pressuring us, » he said.

‘That’s why we haven’t consulted them on this decision now. It really was a decision the commission made

Abdo also confirmed that no player would be forced to sing the anthem and that those decisions are up to the individual

Stefanovic said: « I like it, it brings us together » ‘We have had such a divided year I love it, I love it’

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World News – UA – Karl Stefanovic endorses national anthem after the return of the NRL on the ban
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