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On the Zoom call for the trucking mogul’s 83rd birthday party in April, names like billionaire retailer Solomon Lew, Seek CEO Andrew Bassat and Westpac chairman, John McFarlane

Trucking boss Lindsay Fox has diverged from big business leaders in support of Premier Daniel AndrewsCredit: Eddie Jim

The Prime Minister may have had an awkward evening if Mr. Fox was next week, based on the volume of corporate frustration directed at him in recent months as Victoria emerged from her second wave of coronavirus

Seven of Australia’s top leaders this week became the last voices of the choir by writing a letter urging M Andrews to act faster to reopen Victoria

Yet M Fox, who met M Andrews after becoming Leader of the Opposition in 2010 differs from many of his esteemed birthday party guests and almost all Victorian business circles in praising the Prime Minister for « at least, showing off leadership « 

He says business leaders are entitled to their opinions, but many critics play the man, not the ball

« The biggest problem seems to be a political push rather than finding a solution to fix our common enemy is the virus », he says

« The way politicians are playing right now I think is disrespectful and they are not playing to win for the Australian people »

« He had the balls to make decisions and stick with them, whereas 99 out of 100 would have conceded a month ago. And I think when you compare our situation, even in about 700 cases, to numbers in the whole world, who is right and who is wrong? « 

It is perhaps not surprising that M Fox diverges from the business community he entered as an outsider He built his Linfox logistics business from scratch, starting as a 16-year-old high school dropout with a truck in the 1950s Last year it was worth $ 3.3 billion

Linfox’s revenue has remained stable throughout the pandemic, as the drop in demand for deliveries such as beer kegs was offset by the surge in supermarkets Yet M Fox says his support for M Andrews is not personal and has no political allegiance

Daniel Andrews has been criticized by business leaders for pulling Victoria out of restrictions too slowlyCredit: Getty Images

Instead, he understands what he calls the Prime Minister’s impossible job and says his motivation is to protect the Victorians

“The Prime Minister is working 24/7,” he says, “Who would want to take on this job? I don’t think there has ever been anything like this pandemic, especially with everyone having a say in the business sector and from all walks of life

« Let’s be perfectly clear, I’m not his disciple If there was a real problem with Dan, I would talk about it too I didn’t have much to do with Dan, but I always respected its rigorous approach to getting things done « 

M Fox texted M Andrews his take on business leaders’ anger last month: Tap into their frustration, as then Prime Minister Joan Kirner did as Australia battled recession in the early 1990s. / p>

Ms. Kirner invited M Fox to a panel of political, labor and business leaders, led by former union boss Bill Kelty and Liberal Party Chairman-turned-businessman John Elliott, who planned to take over Victoria in the areas of employment, mental health and culture

A similar 150-member committee for Melbourne, led by businesswoman Martine Letts, will report to Governor Linda Dessau later this month

M Fox, who is on a similar advisory board made up of prominent figures selected by Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp, wants Mr. Andrews listens to them better than ever

« Can I run a trucking business? Yes Can I remove a schedule? No, says M Fox

« Can a politician do everything you want him to do? The answer is no You have people with a wealth of experience who can make a difference and they want to help you right now »

Amid tensions between Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Mr. Andrews this week, and the Prime Minister’s pledge to keep fighting back, Mr. Fox thinks it’s not unreasonable to ask state and federal leaders to rekindle the war mentality that defined Australian politics as coronavirus first spread across the country in March

« If you look now it’s like each political party thinks the other has measles. There should be cooperation and respect, » says M Fox

The prime minister offered business leaders a small olive branch on Wednesday, signaling positive announcements about the possible reopening of retail and hospitality on Sunday

« To these CEOs and others, I very much hope And if these numbers continue to be trending, we may have more to say this weekend, » said Mr. Andrews

« My friends are my friends », he said « I would say the same list of people who came five years ago will come back »

If M Andrews and business can bridge the gap, it could make next year’s party a little smoother

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World News – UA – Lindsay Fox Has No Truck With Premier Corporate Reviews



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