World News – UA – Peruvian archaeologists discover massive cat drawing on the ground in famous Nazca desert


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The illustration will join the list of geoglyphs in Peru, which are one of the greatest mysteries in archeology due to their quantity and size Scientists believe that these drawings made in the field had ritual functions and astronomical

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a massive drawing of a cat, which has remained unknown in the famous Nazca desert for over 2,000 years Peru’s Ministry of Culture said the drawing, which is 37 meters long , was barely visible and was on the verge of disappearing because it is located « on a hill with a steep slope and subject to the effects of natural erosion »

Meow! A huge new lying cat geoglyph recognized on the Nazca pampas in Peru after the recent site renovation (Andean) https: // tco / fOLMUZrHCY picTwittercom / eg2fO4SqmD

Archaeologists say they discovered the design while trying to improve the vantage point from where visitors see other geoglyphs that make up the famous Nazca Lines Jhonny Isla, archaeologist and director of the Nazca management plan -Palpa at the Ministry of Culture, said he expects more discoveries to be made in the future

Archaeologists believe the cat’s design was scratched on the ground between 500 BC and 500 AD or even earlier

Located in the eponymous desert about 400 kilometers from the capital Lima, these geoglyphs are one of the greatest archaeological mysteries They were discovered in 1927 by a local archaeologist and towards the end of the 20th century were designated as a site UNESCO World Heritage Site You can barely notice them at ground level, but if you look from above you can see giant designs, mostly of plants and animals Some geoglyphs can only be viewed from the air

Scientists still do not know why ancient pre-Hispanic societies, which then lived on the southern coast of Peru, attracted them Some researchers say the giant drawings had a ritual function and served as gifts to the gods Last November , Japanese scientists discovered 140 geoglyphs in the Nazca desert after 15 years of research, which involved satellite imagery and artificial intelligence scanning systems Among other things, the geoglyphs discovered depicted a two-headed snake, a killer whale and a bird

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Nazca Lines, Peru, geoglyph, cat

World News – UA – Peruvian archaeologists discover massive drawing of a cat on the ground in the famous Nazca desert


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