World News – UA – Police issue warning as Victorians face tough rules on grand final day


The Victorians and especially the Melburnians face a big last day like no other as strict rules remain in place statewide and capital

Police have warned they will strictly enforce gathering rules in Melbourne on Saturday, in a bid to deter large traditional last-day barbecues taking place in the city

« It’s a year like no other Of course people won’t be able to have friends for the traditional big barbecue on the last day, » 7NEWS reporter Kristy Mayr told Sunrise on Saturday.

« People who celebrate at home can only celebrate with members of their own household and there is also no going to the pub to enjoy the game because the pubs are closed

« Under current rules, two families or two households are allowed to get together and celebrate outside in a public space

« Friends with only one bubble are also allowed to visit each other normally, but that’s about it

« Police warn they will enforce the very strict rules in place and, in a controversial move, they even threaten to fly drones over houses to check backyards for illegal parties »

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius has confirmed that police will use drones to monitor illegal public gatherings and insists they « will not fly over people’s backyard pizza ovens »

But Liberty Victoria Vice President Julia Kretzenbacher is still not convinced their use would be « proportionate » with COVID-19 health guidelines

According to official advice from the Department of Health and Social Services, anyone meeting for the big last day, such as in a public space, should always stay 15 meters apart

« I know a lot of people would normally spend time with family and friends to celebrate on this day whether their team is in the grand final or not, » M said on Sunday. Andrews to reporters

« But your household and only the members of your household is how grand the last day must be

« You can’t have friends in your house You can’t pretend it’s over because we all desperately want it to be »

Instead, Melburnians from up to two households can congregate outside and potentially eavesdrop on the clash through their phones.

M Andrews said having ‘dangerous’ home gatherings in Melbourne was not worth the risk of undoing the community’s hard work to reduce the number of COVID-19 cases

Richmond fans memorably invaded Punt Road after his victory as Prime Minister after the drought in 2017, climbing business rooftops and drinking in the streets

But M Andrews said Victoria Police will announce enhanced enforcement measures this week to prevent the wild celebrations from happening again

« The fans of Richmond and Geelong will be there this week, but it’s no ordinary grand final »

He urged football fans to follow the example set by Tigers and Cats players this season

« They’ve been subjected to all kinds of different restrictions and so must we »

The big public holiday the day before the Victoria final will take place on Friday, despite the traditional team parade which will also travel to Brisbane

Australian Football League Grand Final, Victoria

World News – UA – Police issue warning as Victorians under strict rules on Grand Final day



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