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Unemployment figures show 937,000 Australians looking for work But figure shows how difficult it is to get one

A new report has highlighted the colossal task of finding a job in Australia at the momentSource: istock

Job seekers are competing with more people for fewer jobs amid the current economic recession caused by the pandemic which has pushed unemployment to 7%

New study released by Anglicare shows there are a staggering 106 job seekers for every entry-level job

This comes as the ABS today released data showing unemployment rising to 69 percent

The number of unemployed reached 937,000 in September, or 11,300 more unemployed in just one month

The underemployment rate has also increased to 114% and the number of unemployed youth has risen to 145%

There are 11,300 more people unemployed in just one month Photo Glenn HampsonSource: News Corp Australia

Anglicare’s job availability overview shows that job hunting is particularly difficult for people looking for entry-level employment where previous experience and qualifications are not required

This snapshot is specifically about people who have barriers to work, including older workers who lost their jobs later in life, people who did not complete high school, and people with disabilities

For every entry-level job for people in this category, there are eight job seekers across the country looking for a job, leaving job seekers to compete with more people for less. jobs

« In this downturn, those who need help most finding work are being left behind, » said Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia

« There are not enough jobs at their skill level to meet the demand in any part of the country »

The charity’s report calls for the creation of a ‘one-size-fits-all income’, similar to a universal basic income, as well as investments in job creation and closure of the JobActive service

« Our systems were designed to support the best Under extreme pressure, they have let down those who need them most, » the report says

Last year, a newcomAn investigation into the JobActive program uncovered several instances of substandard service, ineffective practices, harassment and whistleblowing allegations

The survey found that $ 521 million in commissions was paid in 2018-19 to organizations, including for-profit businesses, for helping people find jobs

But a number of those who shared their personal experiences in the system claimed to have found their own jobs without assistance, but these payments were still made to their JobActive providers.

Anglicare report says real number of people out of work is likely to be masked by JobKeeper program « It could be much higher than we think, » the report notes

The huge JobKeeper wage subsidy is being phased out, with up to 930,000 companies hit by wage subsidy cuts

Business owners were getting $ 1,500 per employee, but payments were reduced, with the highest payout dropping from $ 300 to $ 1,200 for people working more than 20 hours Employees working less than 20 hours will receive $ 750 bi-weekly from their employer until January

Payments will then be reduced to $ 1,000 biweekly and $ 650 biweekly, respectively, for an additional three months

Meanwhile, JobSeeker’s payments have also been reduced At the end of last month, the supplement was reduced to $ 250 bi-weekly and will expire on December 31 of this year There are concerns that JobSeeker will return to its pre-coronavirus level, which was equivalent to only $ 40 per day

the number of vacancies has declined as people are not necessarily looking for a career change Image: NCA NewsWire / David Crosling Source: News Corp Australia

SEEK’s job snapshot released earlier this month gives a different analysis, showing the number of job postings has declined as people aren’t necessarily looking for a change career if they are still lucky enough to have a job

Job postings are at around 80% of pre-COVID levels, according to SEEK analysis

« As our recent data has shown, when restrictions relax and economies stabilize, it leads to improved job opportunities, » said Kendra Banks, Managing Director of SEEK ANZ

SEEK saw a typical seasonal increase in retail and hospitality jobs leading up to the Christmas season, with over 1,500 Christmas jobs on SEEK currently

Australia Post, Dan Murphy’s and BWS recently appealed for the summer before Christmas casuals

Job applications increased from around 20 to 40 applications per job on average Photo Glenn HampsonSource: News Corp Australia

The job market is now twice as competitive, with data from LinkedIn showing applications increased from around 20 to 40 applications per job on average, ”said Matt Tindale, Managing Director of LinkedIn Australia and New Zealand

The LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index report released last week showed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our finances and our level of confidence in career and employment prospects, millennials – those in the 20s and 30s born between 1981 and 1996 – the most financially affected

This group has seen the largest earnings cuts, but confidence in future employment prospects has gained the upper hand, report data shows

Baby boomers, meanwhile, are asking almost half as confidently as millennials about job prospects and finances during the pandemic crisis

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