World News – UA – Weather forecast to get interesting again for the East Coast


We had some pretty wild weather in eastern Australia this weekend and it should continue

Moisture from the north has collided with instability from the west to form cold fronts that have extended over the east coast in recent days

Thunderstorms have cut down trees and cut power to thousands of people in Queensland, rain has caused landslides on beaches in northern Sydney, flash flooding has triggered evacuations in the highlands and hail ruined crops in western New South Wales

But it wasn’t just the three-day totals that were high – the speed at which the rain fell is also remarkable

According to Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jonathan How, Wallis Lake, north of Newcastle, recorded 1245 millimeters between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Monday, while nearby Williamtown had 484 mm within an hour at 8 a.m.

From Tuesday, Queensland faces potentially dangerous thunderstorms from Mackay to the southern border

« Places prone to severe thunderstorms include places like Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, then towards Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well, » Mr. How

Destructive gusts of wind, large to giant hail (more than two centimeters) and heavy falls leading to flash floods are waiting for you

On the NSW side of the border, storms are not expected to be so severe on Tuesday, but Wednesday could tell a different story, with severe thunderstorms expected in parts of the northeast

Places like Byron Bay, Coffs Harbor and the northern shelves could all experience dangerous conditions on Wednesday, while eastern Queensland will remain under threat

« We might see pretty bad weather and pretty strong weather over the next few days »

By Thursday, storms could spread as far as Victoria, but there is still some degree of uncertainty so far

« Looks like we could see another low pressure system forming over NSW, similar to what we saw this weekend, » M said How

The temperature is expected to rise in the west from the middle of the week as warm air descends from inside

« We will see temperatures in southwestern Washington go 10 to 16 degrees above average »

For once Tasmania has an enviable climate – it is quite under a high pressure system with only a few coastal showers to the east

There is a chance, however, that the next system could move and rain on the Apple Island Parade this weekend

« We are currently in a very classic spring pattern, with storms along the east coast almost every day »

There could be a hiatus early next week when a high pressure system moves, but storms will return afterwards

With La Niña in the mix it looks even wetter than usual – so if ever there was a time to put together that storm plan and emergency kit, this is it

Keep up to date with warnings this season on the ABC Emergency website, Facebook, or radio, and don’t forget to follow the advice of your local emergency services

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AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time, which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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World News – UA – Weather is expected to become interesting again for the east coast



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