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The WWE 2020 pay-per-view calendar will close dramatically on Sunday as TLC comes from the ThunderDome. The event carries a little more weight each year, and those who emerge as champions have the responsibility to lead the company into the Royal Rumble in January and the start of the WrestleMania season.

Two TLC matches are at the top of the map. Roman Reigns defended his World Championship against Roman Reigns and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre against AJ Styles. In addition, « The Fiend » Bray Wyatt will welcome Randy Orton in a unique situation when the two face each other in a Firefly Inferno match after Orton tried to set Wyatt on fire on last week’s Raw edition.

TLC will be presented live from the WWE ThunderDome at Tropicana Field in Tampa, Florida on Sunday evening. It will start at 7pm. m. ET with a kickoff show that starts an hour earlier at 6 p.m.. m. on the WWE network. CBS Sports will be with you throughout the event, providing updates and highlights as the action is posted on the live blog below.

For full results and scores from each game, see the live updates under the map.

Universal Championship – Roman Reigns (c) vs.. . Kevin Owens: Jey Uso tried to save Reigns early, only to be taken down immediately by Owens, who overhauled him with a chair before using the same weapon on Reigns. Owens returned to Uso and attacked his leg with a chair before « pilmanizing » it on the chair. Owens’ focus on Uso was enough distraction to allow Reigns to re-enter the fight and dominate with chair and ladder shots. Owens continued to struggle even after Reigns dropped him on a pair of chairs and came back on a chair with his own series of chair shots at the champion and a fisherman duplex. Owens almost won the match when Uso hobbled back to the ring on a good leg and pulled Owens off the ladder, opening up an opportunity for Reigns to score a Superman punch. Owens even struggled against the doubles team, hitting Uso with a super kick and then reigning with a stunner before trying again to climb the ladder and claim the championship only to be attacked by Uso again. Owens buried Uso under rubble on the ring and tried to grab the ladder to be cut off again, this time by Reigns.

Rules Powerebombed Owens on a ladder and places him through several tables on the outside of the ring. Owens refused to stay downstairs, further angering the champion, who then punched a spear through a table. Owens told Reigns he had to kill him, which would result in Reigns missing a second spear, this time through the barricade by the ring. Owens put Reigns by a table with a pop-up power bomb to be cut off again from climbing by Uso. After Owens took Uso back out, he almost got the title back, only to meet Reigns on top of the ladder, punch him deeply, and choke him to death with a guillotine before retrieving the belt. That was very good and Owens looked like an absolute force fighting two men all the time and clearly winning the match multiple times. If anything, it was a little hard to go back to the places where « Owens almost got the belt but now the other one came in ». But that’s the deal with Reigns, nothing is fair when it comes to fighting him. Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens to keep the title. Note: A-

Tonight at #WWETLC @WWEAsuka was the first woman superstar to hold tag team gold with two different partners since Velvet McIntyre in 1984. For the current version of the #WWE Women’s Day title, Asuka is the FIRST to hold it with two different partners.

UP NEXT: @WWERomanReigns puts his #UniversalChampionship in a #TLCMatch against @FightOwensFight on the line! #WWETLC image. Twitter. com / HTBCHHtjxx

Women’s Tag Team Championship – Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs.. . Asuka & Charlotte Flair: Flair was Asuka’s surprising reveal as her day partner. « The Queen » got work early on before Asuka wanted to play Babyface-in-Peril. Baszler tried to cut off the hot label by pulling Flair off the apron, but Flair dropped it, took the label and brought the fight straight to Jax and Baszler before putting a big shoe on Jax just before the fall. Flair also knocked the top rope moonsault to the ground to take out Jax and Baszler. Flair was caught in the eight against Baszler, but Jax broke his grip. Baszler tried to lock in the Kirifuda clutch, but Flair rolled through just before the crash before hitting Natural Selection to victory. Flair was supposed to give the Raw women’s division a big boost on their return, and it seemed to hit all the cylinders on their return. The match itself falls firmly into the area of ​​ »good, not great ». Asuka & Charlotte Flair def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler on pinfall to win the title. Note: B

With @RicFlairNatrBoy, #TheQueen looks like a one-woman wreck crew on #WWETLC! @WWEAsuka @QoSBaszler @NiaJaxWWE pic. Twitter. com / x4dQHiYZZz

UP NEXT: #WWERaw #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka brings a mysterious partner into the fight against the #TagTeamChampions @NiaJaxWWE & @QoSBaszler of the WWE women! #WWETLC image. Twitter. com / 6Hjn04BFXi

Chief Hurt Officer Approved. @ Sheltyb803 & @CedricAlexander just brought more gold to The #HurtBusiness! #WWETLC @fightbobby @ The305MVP pic. Twitter. com / 9Lj8lHB4Mm

. @TrueKofi accelerates the pace as BIG MATCH #NewDay Battle To win the #HurtBusiness with the #WWERaw Tag Team title at #WWETLC! @AustinCreedWins @ Sheltyb803 @CedricAlexander @ The305MVP picture. Twitter. com / alPKlH2CXF

Raw Tag Team Championship – The New Day (c) vs.. . The Hurt Business: Cedric Alexander tried a quick start but was immediately dismantled by the champions until he could give Shelton Benjamin a day. Alexander spent a stretch outside the ring where he was repeatedly taken out by New Day to keep him from re-engaging in the match. The momentum continued to swing with great insult to both teams, including a Kofi Kingston SOS against Alexander for one near miss and a Brainbuster from Alexander for another. Xavier Woods was out of the game for most of the second half, even when Alexander blindly interfered when Benjamin appeared to have won the match and hit a lumbar check for the win, winning the titles in the process. Alexander’s me-first attitude is going to be an issue at some point, but there are new tag champions out now, although they may be in a less spectacular match than these two teams can deliver. The Hurt Business def. The new day over pinfall to win the title. Note: B-

Get excited because The #HurtBusiness @ Sheltyb803 & @CedricAlexander has another chance to dethrone #TheNewDay at #WWETLC NOW! ▶ ️ https: // t. co / OZApDRovhU image. Twitter. com / 7i5hLAxoty

SmackDown Women’s Championship – Sasha Banks (c) vs. . Carmella: Banks, who was still angry after slapping champagne bottles on her back for two weeks, immediately went on the offensive, giving Carmella a few blows on the back as an easy return. Carmella took the lead after Reginald, the sommelier, helped her. Reginald caught Carmella as she was kicked out of the ring and then helped her hit a Rana on Banks. The banks’ initial big comeback resulted in a near-fall of a frog squirt. Carmella then came back with an X-Factor that resulted in her own series of near-falls. After a spate of pinning combinations from both women, Carmella included the Code of Silence, followed by a double chicken wing that caught Banks’ head for a couple of near-submissions while the tide of false results continued. The banks then blocked the bank statement, but Reginald rescued again before taking a Meteora from the banks. Shortly afterwards, the banks locked the bank statement again to secure the tap and keep the belt. Carmella isn’t on par with Banks, Asuka, Bayley and the other all-active top women on the WWE roster, but she has done a career-best here, with the validity of the long teasing of her return and the instant top spot in Balance. Of course, Banks did more than just hold his own in the ring. Sasha Banks def. Carmella by filing to keep the title. Note: B

VIVA LA #BOSS! 🔥🌹🔥 @ SashaBanksWWE channels Eddie Guerrero as she tries to defend herself against @CarmellaWWE with #SmackDown #WomensTitle on #WWETLC! picture. Twitter. com / ESzqqzWVBR

Break out the innovative offense early. @SashaBanksWWE defends the #SmackDown #WomensTitle against @CarmellaWWE LIVE RIGHT NOW on @WWENetwork! #WWETLC image. Twitter. com / dqzOtvpx1t

Seize the moment and stick to it. A fitting ending to @ DMcIntyreWWE’s final pay-per-view game in 2020! #WWETLC image. Twitter. com / dcN3fFTr0a

WWE Championship – Drew McIntyre (c) vs.. . AJ Styles (TLC Match): Styles tried a hot start, but McIntyre’s brute strength and aggression quickly took over. McIntyre seemed headed for a quick win after brutalizing Styles, but when the Champion climbed the ladder to retrieve his belt, Styles attacked with a chair. Styles’ attack affected McIntyre’s knee, a part of the body that the challenger would continue to aim at throughout the game, including locking McIntyre in a calf using the ladder for extra leverage and another with a chair. From this point on, Styles dominated the match and used all available weapons to continue the attack on McIntyre. A belly to belly of McIntyre on a ladder on the turnbuckle swung back the momentum. He also interrupted a Styles attempt to climb the ladder to win the championship by taking him off the ladder and pushing him through a table set up by the ring. When McIntyre appeared to have won the match, The Miz ran in and put McIntyre at a table while he officially tried to cash out his money in the bank contract and join the match. Miz was climbing the ladder for an easy victory when Omos entered the ring and pulled him off the ladder. He carried it like a baby before tossing it over the ropes and through a table by the ring. Styles and McIntyre were battling on a ladder, trying to reach the belt, when Miz entered with his own ladder and almost won before McIntyre knocked Styles to the ground, followed by Miz. Styles then jumped back to the ladder and threw McIntyre onto the screen. McIntyre returned to his feet, however, and used a second ladder to shove up a ladder with Miz and Styles, hit Miz with a claymore, and get the belt for victory. This was a high quality TLC match that kept Styles strong, built the Omos myth a bit more, and ultimately got rid of the contract with Money in the Bank for the gimmick in a very bad year. Not the most memorable of all TLC games, and maybe a step below expectations with extracurricular involvement, but there’s not much to complain about here just yet. Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles to keep the title. Note: B

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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs, WWE SmackDown, Asuka

World News – GB – 2020 WWE TLC Results: Live Updates, Summary, Grades, Games, Map, Start time, highlights


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