World News – UK – Adult material yet to be confirmed for season two


Channel 4’s new Adult Material series ends Monday night – but will we see more of Joleen Dollar in the future?

The series, which focuses on a mom of three working in the adult film industry, will unfortunately not be returning for a second series. Speaking to HELLO !, a spokesperson has confirmed that it will not return This was only a four-episode series so there were no plans for more episodes

The new show was well received by viewers, who took to social media to discuss the series One person wrote: « Just finished episode three of #adultmaterial, this is a watch difficult but very good « Another fan added: » Watch #adultmaterial Outstanding Drama Hayley Squires is a fantastic actor and the scenes with @KerryAGodliman are superb « 

Speaking to The Guardian, Hayley commented on her character’s personality, highlighting the empowerment she feels as a result of her career choice « There’s such a life in her She’s loud, even in her darkest moments […] I think she feels empowered and I think there are a lot of women who do too »

She added to Glamor: « With Jolene as far as I’m concerned, she’s a feminist She fights really hard for what she has She works to improve within her means She faces these men as well as the women She attacks women; she goes after herself at the end too « 

Fans were initially unsure of the series after some suggested the trailer was misleading compared to the actual show At the time, one person wrote, « I’m not funny, but all the previews sounded like the story of a powerful young woman thriving in the adult industry and pure entertainment, not that dark, morally bankrupt head [expletive] « 

Another viewer added: « Channel 4 loves its dark programs It feels like as a viewer it feels like watching it, you are part of the exploitation The trailer clearly mis-sold this « 

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World News – UK – Adult material yet to be confirmed for season two



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