World News – UK – Emmerdale’s Johnny Leeze dies at 78


Posted: 17:40 GMT, 25 October 2020 | Update: 18:28 GMT, 25 October 2020

The actor’s death has been confirmed by his daughter Holly, who told the Daily Star that her father died from a short illness two weeks ago

Holly revealed that Johnny, who played Ned Glover on Emmerdale from 1994 to 1999, tested positive for coronavirus the day before his death

Death: Emmerdale and Coronation Street star Johnny Leeze has died aged 78 (pictured in Emmerdale in 1995)

Her daughter also recounted how her father had a heart attack on the morning of his death and was taken to hospital

Speaking to the post, Holly paid tribute to her father whom she described as a ‘strong man’ and a ‘great guy’

She said: ‘He was my friend, he was such a strong and strong man He was a great guy, a really funny guy He was really loved by everyone Even by his ex-wife, who is with me today, my mother

‘I don’t know what else to say I’m numb I just can’t get my head around a minute I want to say a lot more about him but I don’t know what to say’

Family: The actor’s death has been confirmed by his daughter Holly, who told the Daily Star that her father died of a short illness two weeks ago (pictured on Emmerdale in 1997)

The Daily Star reports that Johnny’s death was also confirmed by his brother Phillip who shared a statement on social media

He wrote: ‘It is with deep regret to inform you that my brother John passed away this morning Many of you will remember him as Ned Glover in Emmerdale, or as comedian Johnny Leeze, on the club scene

‘He had Covid and underlying health issues He made thousands laugh He will be sorely missed « 

‘I know you will have them all dotted up there Fly high on the wings of angels’

Character: Johnny was best known for playing the role of Ned Glover on Emmerdale from 1994 to 1999 (pictured with Roberta Kerr who played his wife Jan Glover in 1997)

Prior to his breakout role in Emmerdale, the TV star was known to soap fans for playing Harry Clayton on Coronation Street for a few months in 1985

Johnny, who was born John Glen in York, made his screen debut in 1982 with a small role on the sitcom Open All Hours

Prior to his appearance as Harry on Coronation Street, he appeared on the soap opera in one episode as a character named M Slater in 1982 and returned to the series as Laurie Johnstone in 2005

Married to Carol from 1969 to 1983, Johnny’s last screen appearance was in a role in Life On Mars in 2007

Health: Johnny’s daughter said he tested positive for coronavirus the day before his death and suffered a heart attack the day he died (photo with Roberta Kerr in 1994)

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News from around the world – UK – Johnny Leeze from Emmerdale dies at 78



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