World News – UK – This classic cranberry sauce recipe is likely the one your grandma used to make


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Easy to make, a sure crowd puller and a nod to grandma’s kitchen? Sign up for this recipe with cranberry sauce!

Are you looking for a classic cranberry sauce recipe to upgrade your Thanksgiving table? While a can of the jellied stuff is usually enough in a pinch, serving your own homemade cranberry sauce is one of the easiest ways to enhance your vacation spread without having to try harder in the kitchen than you already are.

While cranberry sauce has a polarizing reputation, our bet is that those who skip it just haven’t had the right item yet. Yes, the jellied variety may have become a classic in some households because of its sugary-sweet flavor profile and fail-safe preparation, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the real cranberry sauce recipe . . . . that’s super easy too.

Our favorite? The Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Recipe. It’s a true classic as it’s on the back of the cranberry packaging. So we bet it’ll bring back memories of sitting at your grandmother’s table on vacation. Like the rest of her kitchen, grandma’s cranberry sauce is timeless and delicious. A crowd puller that is simple, but homemade with love and not drawn from a can.

Simple but everything you’d expect in a cranberry sauce. The classic recipe offers just the right consistency and sweetness – it ensures the perfect balance between sweet and spicy and lets the natural cranberry taste do all the heavy lifting.

The super easy recipe is also a convenient way to involve the home cook (or little ones) who insist on helping in the kitchen . . . Maybe you even helped make the recipe with Grandma all those years ago?

« My mom has been making this recipe for years and I’m 56 years old, » shared Stacey Salisbury of Arizona on the Ocean Spray Recipe Review page. « Not everyone likes cranberry sauce because they only had the » can « sauce. I convince them to try their recipe and they will like it! “

Whether you’re looking for a recipe to instill childhood nostalgia in time for the vacation, or you’re just hoping to add a dash of sophistication to your holiday table without getting your hands dirty, the classic recipe is fast becoming too Your new little secret in the kitchen.

Here we’ve listed exactly how to make the classic Ocean Spray cranberry sauce recipe – although it takes a step or two more than just opening a can of the jelly, this delicious retro recipe stands the test the time – and is worth the extra preparation time.

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World News – UK – This classic cranberry sauce recipe is likely the one your grandma used
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