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Dr Stamen Grigorov is the Bulgarian doctor and scientist who discovered the bacillus of Lactobacillus bulgaricus, the cause of natural Grigorov yogurt is celebrated as October 27 Google Doodle

The doodle celebrates what would have been Grigorov’s 142nd birthday, according to Google’s doodle blog The blog then describes Grigorov as being born in a village called Studen Izvor in the western part of Bulgaria

Grigorov was born in 1878, shortly after Bulgaria gained independence from the Ottoman Empire and died in 1945, just before Bulgaria became a satellite state of the Soviet Union

Following his discovery of yogurt, Grigorov continued to work as a chief physician at the main hospital in the city of Thun in Bulgaria In 1906, Grigorov published an article documenting the use of penicillin fungi against tuberculosis

A Bulgarian radio report on Grigorov said it was « a strange confluence of events » that led Grigorov not to be credited with putting the tuberculosis vaccine in place The vaccine is usually credited to Camille Guerin and Albert Calmette The report goes on to say that Grigorov did not receive his credit because there was no Bulgarian medical institution with enough power to back up his conclusions

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Grigorov obtained his doctorate from the University of Gender Medicine in Switzerland and then worked at the school as a research assistant In 1905, after receiving a gift of Bulgarian yogurt from his wife shortly after their marriage he decided to study the substance because of its reputed health benefits BBC article on Bulgarian yogurt says that Grigorov used a pot typical of his native country known as “rukatka” The article goes on to say that Grigorov’s discoveries led to Bulgarian yogurt becoming very “en vogue « in the 1920s and 1930s

It was Grigorov who discovered the microorganism that created the yoghurt The stick-shaped microorganism was to be named Lactobacillus bulgaricus in honor of Grigorov’s homeland

Following his discoveries, the Yoghurt Museum was established in his hometown of Studen Izvor in 2007 The museum is an old house from the 19th century The museum includes the restoration of a typical house from the time of birth of Grigorov as well as documents and information about the life of Grigorov The name of the hometown of Grigorov translates into English as Cold Spring

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An article on Grigorov and the history of yogurt detailed that Grigorov served in the Bulgarian army during World War I Grigorov was registered as a doctor

During the war Bulgaria fought alongside Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey More than 75,000 Bulgarian soldiers were lost in the war

A glacier in Antarctica known as the Grigorov Glacier is named after the famous Bulgarian physician The glacier is 11 mile in length and just under 1 mile in length According to the Australian government website, the glacier was named in June 2010 The glacier is located on the Albena peninsula on the island of Brabant in the Palmer archipelago

Grigorov is one of more than 300 healthcare professionals who have named glaciers in their honor in Antarctica

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Russian Ilya Mechnikov studied Grigorov’s findings and found a link between the amount of yogurt consumed by Bulgarian peasants and the length of their lives, according to Bacillusbulgaricuscom In a study of 37 countries, Mechnikov found that more more people lived in Bulgaria for more than 100 years than in any other country Mechinikov found that the proteolytic bacteria responsible for intestinal aging were suppressed by the content of yogurt

Since then, yogurt has been linked to feeling like cancer, lowering cholesterol, and reducing unhealthy bacteria

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