World News – United States – National Cat Day 2020: Fun memes and social media posts to celebrate the human-animal bond


National Cat Day is celebrated on October 29 in the United States to cherish a cat’s companion as a pet and to raise awareness among people to provide shelter for these feline babies cute Shelters are full of cats and kittens The day was created by lifestyle writer Colleen Paide in 2005 to raise awareness about cats that need to be rescued every year American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit organization for the adoption of pets, also supported the cause and saved an estimated 1 million cats Colleen wanted to show people the unconditional love and companionship that a cat offers to humans

Cats are the cutest pets and so social media is inundated with cute and funny cat memes We often came across several hilarious memes on the internet Here we provide some of the hilarious memes that will surely make your day

Hilarious cat meme shared by Instagram page named Funny Cat Memes »The cat’s reaction in the sorting clip will take you to the ROFL

Another video shared by the page shows the baby feline licking his master’s face and when the master does the same, the cute kitten starts to scream The cat’s reaction is so cute you can’t get it enough

A meme shared by the same page shows a cat is sitting in a locker and there is a painting hanging outside of it that reads: « Guess what, I got to to attract attention by shouting « 

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Global News – United States – National Cat Day 2020: Funny Memes and Social Media Posts to Celebrate the Human Connection -animal



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