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As far as I know that means the Tech game won’t air on Hulu this weekend I know ESPN says the game is on ESPN3, but I guess it will be blacked out since living in Charlotte, NC

Any suggestions from my fellow Hokies? I know most of the games for us are on ESPN affiliates, so I doubt I’ll cast Hulu myself, but I’m trying to figure out if I can get a trial on YouTubeTV for the weekend or if there is has other subscriptions that I can check

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I’m starting to wonder if I can even watch in a bar Maybe the headphones are on with Mike and Laze while I work in the yard

« That kid you’re talking to right there, I think he played his fools! And you can quote me on that shit! » -Bud Foster

What also happens to the double H E hockey sticks in this UNC game?!? – Jon Laaser (@LazeVT) October 18, 2020

We Knew This Would Happen Eventually People flocked to Hulu Live TV when YoutubeTV lost the RSNs, but it was only a matter of time

Fuck Sinclair Broadcasting They’re downright evil, like « from a movie about an evil society » evil guy

What is the point of broadcasting on a channel that no one can watch? I will never understand

Anyway, I hope to tune in here on match day to share some tips on how to watch people find them

When people start dropping Hulu, they’ll change course I get almost all of my baseball through RSNs so I’m glad I’ve never switched to YTTV or Hulu now

However, apart from losing access to a lot of Braves and Atl Utd games, I don’t regret switching to Youtube TV at all The interface is amazing, the app is great for watching stuff in travel, and I save a ton of money compared to the cable sport package

Ditched YouTube TV for this at the start of baseball season (Yankees on YES) Switched to Hulu because it was offered and now this Where do I go without cable?

The Sling blue package probably has the Fox Sports Net channel for your area which it seems has the RSN games

I had ATT TV Now and YTTV is so much better they don’t even compare It’s by far the best product on the market

Surprisingly, Fox Sports Arizona took over this game, so it’s the first game I can watch without having to go to a bar and beg them to activate it on the ACC network since the UNC debacle Thanks Swofford!

I’ll try a VPN in a region that doesn’t have it on their RSN and watch on ESPN3

This is just watching ESPN, streaming only through ESPN website / app This is the stream that is geo-blocked if your RSN is showing the game

You can just watch the game on the ESPN app, right? I haven’t done this for at least a year, so I’m not sure if the region you are in, forgive my ignorance in advance

EDIT: hi, VTFencer beat me at this by a few seconds, so instead I’ll just post a meaningless image instead of our pride in this beautiful talk:

ESPN will geoblock you if your RSN shows the game, but if it thinks you’re somewhere else it will allow you to stream it

This is how I looked at GT and Pitt in New Zealand last year I came back to VPN in the States and ESPN was not the wiser

If you live in an area where it’s broadcast via RSN, I think (that’s not positive though) you should be able to watch via an antenna for free, right?

QTNA for sure I was under the impression that you only had the big networks with the antenna, but I could be wrong

I was under the impression that you only had the big networks with the antenna, but I could be wrong

Depends on your location I’m in downtown Atlanta so I get 60 channels through Antenna including all local VT games (at least as of this writing still on channel 46 or something) But if you are 30 miles outside of a city, identify how many channels you get

depends, usually the main channels have strong signals but I have already received our games on an on-air RSN

Does not appear to be on an on-air channel at Hampton Roads for those in 757

Fuck Sinclair on this They help all streaming providers give them absolutely ridiculous fees and consumer gets fucked in the process

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It looks like the 7 day free trial for AT&T TV is the last option for viewers in the MASN area. I don’t know what other RSNs they carry, but you can check your region here: https: // wwwattcom / tv / premises /

I’ve always thought the purpose of blackouts was to increase match attendance I’m sure there is more to do these days, but a little hard to justify if no one can go to the damn games

« How the ass pocket will be used, I don’t know All I know is that the ass pocket will be used » -The CA

Professional sports would ban games if the stadium didn’t sell to some local markets Games blacked out on ESPN3 due to TV rights If a regional network paid for broadcast rights, ESPN can’t show it either in this market

« How the ass pocket will be used, I don’t know All I know is that the ass pocket will be used » -The CA

It’s interesting because I haven’t received anything from Hulu about the loss of RSN yet. I have one on our local ABC subsidiary (which is weird because ABC is owned by Disney)

For those in the DC subway with Comcast (I knew it would pay off / s), the game will air on MASHD (845)

Not sure if that really helps anyone other than me, but it’s on Root Sports (627) if you have Comcast here in PNW

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« On the court he’s just a ball of butcher’s knives all the time I’m telling you he’s just doing 100 miles an hour, and if you’re in his way you’re going to pay the price » – Bud Foster on Sam Rogers

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