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World News – United States – Resignation of Sharon Hilliard, Director of EDD Spillovers – California Globe

Over the weekend, Employment Development Department Director Sharon Hilliard resigned, opening up the possibility of more extreme changes to ESD next time around.

Over the weekend, Department of Employment Development Director Sharon Hilliard resigned, paving the way for more extreme changes to ESD next year

EDD has gone through a tumultuous year and has put the usually low-key organization in the national and even international spotlight on several occasions since March

In February, Hilliard became Director of ESD, having been at ESD since 1983, and Deputy Director since 2013

The following month, COVID-19 swept across the US and California, with state governors shutting down numerous businesses within days, causing mass unemployment to surge suddenly

In three weeks, more than 2 million new jobless claims had been filed in California, overloading ESD and forcing them to rush through claims and hire extra help However, as the number of new applications increased, EDD fell behind in approving applications.In the summer, investigations revealed that many applications were several months late and that methods, programs and obsolete equipment was still being used to manage the influx

This prompted GOP lawmakers in Sacramento, led by MP Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) to call for a department-wide audit in July However, just days before the audit, Democratic lawmakers canceled the meeting, Governor Gavin Newsom instead forming a « strike team » to assess what the problems were in the ESD

Meanwhile, fraud cases began to increase dramatically over the next few months, including 87 arrests in Beverly Hills for fraudulent use of EDD.As the strike team released its findings in September, EDD still had files open from March, with an even larger number of cases the agency still had not dealt with The strike team announced that there were problems in the many outdated and mail-oriented systems used by EDD This forced the EDD to shut down all incoming cases for two weeks earlier this month in order to update updates its system, creating an even larger backlog while announcing that all open complaints will not be resolved until 2021

Despite the changes, fraud cases continued to rise, forcing banks, including Bank of America, to freeze 350,000 California accounts when investigated

When Hilliard left on Friday, she left behind an agency still sifting through a giant backlog that had only been partially improved by new upgrades that had actually hurt tens of thousands of people. people for several weeks Hundreds of thousands of Californians have also been unable to receive benefits due to his political decisions, making many missed rent payments, running out of money, and being more injured than they would have done in the course of. a response to a normal complaint

Cases of fraud are also still prevalent, in part due to policies not requiring EDD employees to further investigate claims

“EDD could have done so much better,” EDD employee “Mary” told the Globe “All the changes they’re making right now are things that we as employees have been telling them for years, but they refused to implement In February, we thought Hilliard would make those changes, before COVID- 19, but she didn’t, and you saw what happened

« It would always have been a mess, but we would have been better It took a disaster like COVID-19 to change things, and it was only after the governor brought in a special team to see how things were going »

« There are a lot of people at fault here, but by far the person taking the lion’s share is Hilliard And now she’s leaving before any remaining requests have been processed »

Hilliard will remain director until December 31. Meanwhile, she has released statements about her departure, even noting that she is now on the ‘road to success’

« This past year, I made a commitment to see ESD go through the most difficult times in the history of the Ministry, but I believe I can now retire knowing that ESD is on the right track. success, ”said Hilliard in a note announcing his retirement“ While this year has been accompanied by many challenges, we have accomplished more than we ever thought possible by making further improvements to our customers and staff. I am grateful to all of you who have made personal and tireless sacrifices to make this possible « 

“I have had the privilege of being part of the Employment Development Service team since the day I entered the EDD building over 37 years ago At that time I had 19 years old and looking back, I couldn’t have imagined how lucky it would be to work with so many caring, strong and professional people committed to providing the best possible service to the citizens of California. It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement as of December 31, 2020 « 

« I am grateful for Sharon’s service and willingness to take on the role of director just before the pandemic. She helped pave the way for EDD to reset its culture and modernize the system at this critical time, » a said Julie A, secretary of the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency Su in a statement on Saturday « It’s been a tough time for the people of California and Sharon and her team have been working through this time of unprecedented demand. »

“If she was so successful then why did she quit 10 months later,” “Henry”, an EDD employee, asked in an interview with The Globe. opened the wave or did nothing She was forced to change all systems here and did nothing for the employees In the thick of it, in March, April and May we were there in tatters due to the weather we have spent answering calls from people about their unemployment She did nothing to help us, nor to make it easier for those in need, until she was essentially forced to « 

While the fraud cases are still settled and the unemployment claims still pending until next year, Hilliard leaves a great void for EDD, whose future depends on the new leadership of the third person who will have occupied the position within a year

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News from around the world – United States – The resignation of Sharon Hilliard, director of fallout from the ‘EDD – California Globe

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