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For news and updates on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

Germs, viruses and bacteria are everywhere and many times the first thing you touch after coming into contact with a contaminated surface is the screen of your phone. Fortunately, Apple tells you how to clean it.

Although the manufacturer does not mention the coronavirus (COVID-19), it did update its guide to cleaning Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod devices. Apple says that “it’s OK to use disinfectants to clean” their products.

The company has said that it is safe to use disinfectant towels, such as Clorox, or a tissue containing 70 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the screen, keyboard and other exterior surfaces, except for cloth or leather surfaces. Apple indicated that chlorine or bleach should not be used and that users should prevent moisture from entering any openings. In addition, the manufacturer advised users that they should not immerse their Apple devices in any cleaning product and that they should avoid the use of aerosols, bleaches and other abrasive substances.

Previously, Apple did not condone the use of “cleaning products” on iPhone, fearing that the alcohol would damage the devices’ oil and water coatings.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is not known for sure how long the virus that causes the disease will survive. COVID-19 on a surface. However, they advise that in the event that a surface may be infected it is important to clean it with a disinfectant to kill the virus, as well as wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

This update was made in the midst of the outbreak of the coronavirus, a novel virus that was discovered in December in China and that to date has already infected more than 111,300 people and at least 3,800 people have died from the respiratory disease.

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