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President Obama wants Americans to understand the history of the Affordable Care Act In a lengthy article for The New Yorker, Obama details the history of health care in the country, defines the purpose of plan and fight to get the bill enacted

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But Donald Trump has expressed his dislike of the government health care plan that provides health insurance for many Americans He plans to create his own that will be « better » than Obama’s, according to CNN The matter is expected to appear in Supreme Court a week before election day

Obama took to his Twitter on Monday with a post and link to the New Yorker story for his 124 million followers

In the midst of a pandemic, this administration tries to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in the Supreme Court Here’s how Joe and I fought to expand healthcare, protect and achieve millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions : https: // tco / U9RbHRLPBw

« Amid pandemic, this administration tries to dismantle affordable care law in Supreme Court This is how Joe and I fought to expand health care, protect millions of Americans with disease pre-existing and achieve it « 

Obama opens the room by explaining why a government health care system was important to him He says it was bigger than politics – it was personal

“My interest in health care went beyond politics or politics; it was personal, just like Teddy Whenever I met a parent who was struggling to find the money to care for a sick child, I thought about the night Michelle and I had to take three-month-old Sasha to the emergency room to what turned out to be viral meningitis I remembered the terror and helplessness we felt when the nurses took her in for a lumbar puncture, and the realization that we might never have caught the infection in time if the girls had not had a regular pediatrician, we felt comfortable calling in the middle of the night Especially, I thought of my mother, who died in 1995, of uterine cancer « 

During the last presidential debate, Trump told the audience that his health bill « will always protect people with pre-existing conditions », but it’s unclear what else this plan entails

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This essay is an excerpt from Obama’s upcoming presidential brief titled « A Promised Land », due out November 17

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News from the world – US – Barack Obama says Trump is trying to dismantle the ACA by the Supreme Court – TheGrio



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