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Facebook adds support for Instagram to its Messenger API This will allow brands and businesses to manage Instagram messages through third-party apps For the first time, they will also be able to set up customer service bots to manage the common requests or requests they receive via Instagram

Brands can respond to customers with bots on Messenger since 2016 As Facebook is more closely associating the messaging features of its services, it makes sense to extend these functions to Instagram as well If bots can handle the requests them more frequent and simpler, this will allow live support agents to solve more complex problems

The API will allow brands to manage messages from various aspects of Instagram, such as shops and stories, in one place They will also be able to integrate Instagram into their customer relationship management systems This will allow them, for example, to see a customer’s order history next to messages from them

Not all brands or companies can get their hands on these tools yet The latest Messenger API is currently in closed beta Adidas, Amaro, Glossier, H&M, MagazineLuiza, Michael Kors, Nars, Sephora and TechStyle Fashion Group are part of brands that try it

The results come just weeks after Big Blue surprised investors by announcing its split into two state-owned companies, placing big bets on cloud computing to boost future growth “We continue to see a very strong trend of ‘accelerating the digital transformation of our customers We are seeing this playing out in our Red Hat business, « CFO James Kavanaugh told Reuters IBM’s total revenue fell 26% to $ 17.56 billion in the quarter, but was slightly above analysts’ estimate of $ 17.54 billion, according to IBES data from Refinitiv

Refusing to provide forward-looking guidance due to uncertainties created by the Covid-19 pandemic could scare investors

Markets thrive on risk, but it’s hard to talk about It’s easy to fall back on clichés – buy low and sell high, or bulls and bears make money while pigs are slaughtered – but these clichés have drifted into common parlance for a reason They have a grain of truth Buying low and selling high has always been known as the way to make a profit, since the early days of human barter And whether the market goes up or down, whether investors are going on a bullish or bearish strategy, it is possible to transform that profit So let’s talk about buying low As the market as a whole has recovered well of pandemic midwinter fainting, many stocks are still struggling with depressed stock value Some of them are fundamentally strong – and Wall Street analysts have taken note Using the TipRanks database, we’ve identified three of these stocks Each is down at least 60% so far this year, but each also has a Strong Buy consensus rating and at least 40% upside potential for the coming months Diamondback Energy (FANG) First, Diamondback Energy, a Texas oil company that participated in the Permian Basin boom that has put Texas at the forefront of the North American oil industry Diamondback is a smaller player in its industry and its operations are entirely located in the Permian, where it produces approximately 170,000 barrels of oil per day. As that number is up 40,000 barrels from the spring, Diamondback has been hit hard by low oil prices in recent months and the stock is down 68% since the start of the year.Low prices in the open oil market impacted Diamondback’s bottom line, and profits fell steadily from $ 193 per share peak in 4Q19 1Q20 EPS was $ 1.45, while Q2 earnings were just 15 cents The company is expected to release third quarter numbers on November 3 and the outlook is 37 cents – a improving, but still declining However, it’s important to note here that Diamondback has beaten earnings expectations in the past three quartersOn a more positive note, company management points out that despite recent weak earnings, FANG was able to complete the third quarter without touching its revolving credit facility – and that the company has over $ 2 billion. dollars of available liquid assets Combined with growing production, this gives the company a solid foundation. JPMorgan analyst Arun Jayaram, examining the Texas oil industry and Diamondback’s place in it, believes the company is well positioned to survive in an environment low priced “We have always viewed FANG as one of the leading operators in the industry, and given the recent weakness in oil prices, the mgmt team made the prudent decision to sharply reduce levels of oil. business Given the focus on continued cost reduction, we believe the company has the inventory depth and balance sheet strength to be a relative outperformer during the recession, ”Jayaram wroteJayaram notes FANG shares an overweight (ie Buy), and his price target of $ 48 suggests a potential upside of 68% by next year (To see Jayaram’s track record, click here) Overall, Strong Buy consensus rating on FANG is based on 11 recent buys vs. a single Hold The stock sells for $ 28.58 per share, and its $ 5210 average price target is even more bullish than Jayaram’s, implying a 82% rise (See FANG stock market analysis on TipRanks) ChampionX Corporation (CHX) Next is ChampionX, an oilfield technology company that acquired its current name last summer, through the merger of Apergy Corporation and of ChampionX Holdings The merged company retained the business history of Apergy and adopted the new symbol CHX It is a mid-market company operating in the drilling, production, pipeline and technology segments of the water from the oil industry It’s a diversified trading portfolio that gives ChampionX a lot of wiggle room in a bearish oil market ChampionX might need all that wiggle room as stocks have fallen 76% this year As for Diamondback, the main culprit is low oil prices that squeeze profit margins Even though, as an intermediary and service company, ChampionX does not pull oil directly from the ground and sell it, its operations are tied to the purchase price of users final In 2Q20, EPS turned sharply negative with a net loss of 43% per share This comes even as Q2 revenue rose to $ 298 million Scotiabank analyst Vaibhav Vaishnav sees CHX well after improving its positioning as a service company “With the merger with Ecolab’s Upstream activity, CHX is now one of the two leading players in the production chemicals sector This activity is relatively very stable as it focuses on production activity rather than drilling and completions activity Essentially, daily U or international oil production is the main driver, « said Vaishnav To this end, Vaishnav rates CHX an outperformance (ie Buy) It gives the stock a price target of $ 12, indicating confidence in upward growth of 48% for the coming year (To look at Vaishnav’s track record, click here) Overall, CHX has 6 buys and 1 expectation supporting its Strong Buy consensus rating With an average bullish price target of $ 14.09, Wall Street analysts see potential for 73% up from current stock price of $ 8.11 (See CHX stock market analysis on TipRanks) Gol Linhas (GOL) From the oil industry, we move on to the airline industry It’s no surprise that an airline, even a low budget airline, faces serious challenges in the current environment of social distancing, trade and travel restrictions and disruption, and economic shutdowns Gol Linhas is Brazil’s leading low-cost airline and the country’s third-largest airline.The challenges facing the airline industry are manifested in the 62% drop in GOL’s share price since the start of the l The blow Gol Linhas took is clear from revenue and earnings Top of the line, the 17% drop in sequential revenue in the first quarter widened to 88% in the second quarter, when the company made only $ 357 million GOL’s quarterly revenue was over $ 3.38 billion before the corona crisis Declining revenue led to severe loss of revenue The company generally sees a decline in its profits from the fourth quarter to the first quarter, and this year was no exception The bright spot was, Q1 broke forecasts and beat last year’s number The second quarter was disastrous, however, with a net EPS loss of 81 cents Although not as deep as the expected $ 110, it was a blow to the company The outlook for the third quarter is not better, at minus 80 cents The long term, however, looks better for this budget holder Deutsche Bank analyst Michael Linenberg sees GOL with several paths to follow – although he believes actual returns will not come in until 2021 « As we believe 2020 and 2021 will not be representative of GOL’s normal earnings potential, we are basing our 12 month PT on our forecast for 2022 As GOL and the global airline industry begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19 « , the 5th – featured analyst In line with this long-term optimism, Linenberg sets a price target of $ 10, which implies a hike of 40 % during Next 12 months As a result, he rates the stock as a buy (To view Linenberg’s balance sheet, click here) Wall Street agrees with Linenberg on the long-term potential here, and GOL’s Strong Buy consensus rating is based on consensus. Unanimous 5 Buy (See GOL Stock Analysis on TipRanks) To get great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks To Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks actions Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are solely those of featured analysts Content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

My wife and I co-signed his nephew’s student loans so he could attend a small private university You loaned your nephew money as a co-signer on his loan in the hope that he would finish his studies , find a job and pay it back In other words, you co-signed the loan so that your nephew makes the investment in his own future

The current day trading boom will end like these frenzies always do: in tears While waiting for the inevitable crash, let’s take a look not only at why day traders are doomed, but also why most people shouldn’t trade, or even invest in individual stocks Day trading essentially means buying and selling investments quickly, hoping to profit from small price fluctuations

Apple IncThe iPhone 12 launch hasn’t given much momentum to AT&T Inc stocks, which are on track for their lowest close in nearly seven months

At some point in the next century, the stock market will lose over 20% of its value in a single day This might not sound like a helpful tip, but the point is, you are laughing at yourself – even if you think market crashes of this magnitude will never happen again This sobering thought coincides with the 33rd anniversary of the U 1987S stock market crash

(Bloomberg) – In a town hall meeting Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reassured shale producers that he would not ban fracking if elected Then, in virtually the same breath, he touted his $ 2 trillion clean energy plan, which aims to eliminate natural gas from the energy mix within 15 years.Former Vice President’s efforts to walk a tightrope on gas reflect the precarious place of fossil fuels in the economy For now, it’s a vital part of American life Biden has been careful not to not make itself an enemy of the industry, especially in the key battlefield state of Pennsylvania, home to the largest US shale gas field Its policies may even, in the short term, support the gas market. In the long term, fuel may prove to be economically and environmentally unsustainable in the electricity sector, a key market for producers Biden’s climate plan would only accelerate this result, with massive investments in wind, the solar energy and battery storage giving these energy sources a head start And its goal of a carbon neutral grid would severely reduce, if not destroy, gas’s share of the pie in favor of cheaper renewables andcleaner“Decarbonization is not a debate, it is a death sentence for fossil fuels,” said Kevin Book, Managing Director of ClearView Energy Partners “It means a resource goes out of the grid It’s the implication inevitable “Gas, like coal ten years ago, faces economic headwinds Although it remains the country’s main fuel source, it is less competitive with renewables than before Solar and wind are now cheaper than gas in two-thirds of the world, according to BloombergNEF report In the US, solar and wind are already cheaper than even the most efficient type of new gas turbine The right mix of federal policies could easily squeeze gas out of the energy mix by 2035 or earlier on Monday, Lazard Ltd said. « This transition is going to happen faster than previously thought, just like the coal shift will is dero it’s happening faster than people thought, ”said John Coequyt, director of climate policy at the Sierra ClubTo be sure, gas could reap some benefits from a short-term Biden presidency.Although his proposal to limit drilling on federal lands may cut production, tighter supplies could push prices up, potentially making exports more expensive. more profitable gases Likewise, a thaw in US-China relations could give exporters better access to a major global market, but higher prices would have the opposite effect in the power sector, where cost is critical. electricity to gas is already expected to drop 57% this winter compared to last year simply because gasoline prices are higher this season, according to projections by the Energy Information Administration And this despite forecasts for a winter cooler, which would increase demand for electricity The economy put gas in a roughly similar position to coal in the years before President Barack Obama took office In the case of coal, Obama stepped up decline by imposing new environmental regulations that have made coal-fired power plants more expensive to operate – notably the 2012 standards on toxic products in the air and mercury which limited ent toxic emissions from factories and the 2015 clean energy plan that reduced carbon emissionsA Biden administration could take a similar approach, imposing new – and stricter – limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.It could also restore and possibly strengthen Obama-era rules to reduce gas leaks. methane gas infrastructure, which was repealed by President Donald Trump Both have the potential to increase the cost of gas-fired electricity, without banning fuel Most analysts agree that Biden would not explicitly attack the gas industry in the same way Obama attacked the gas industry. coal sector Instead, Biden’s clean energy policies would make it harder for gas to compete with wind, solar and other renewables.“You might be able to adopt policies that give them at least a theoretical chance to survive, even though they will make survival much more difficult for them,” said David Spence, professor at the law school of the University of TexasAt the moment, there is not much pressure to shut down gas plants already in service « Existing gas plants will have a role to play for a while, » said Mark Dyson, director of the Rocky Mountain Institute. « They keep the lights on while we build as much wind and solar power as possible » And Biden’s proposal leaves the door open for utilities to continue to use gas plants with carbon capture systems that trap gas. emissions, said Jonathan Elkind, senior researcher at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy PolicyIn Thursday’s town hall, Biden stressed the importance of embracing « new technologies, » including carbon capture, as a way to achieve a carbon-free electricity sector while using natural gas.Yet utilities might not want to make this kind of investment as the price of renewables continues to drop « Much of the road to net zero by 2035 for electricity will come from energy efficiency gains , a lot of renewables, and that will eventually phase out fossil fuels, ”said Katie Bays, analyst at Sandhill Strategy in WashingtonLocal jurisdictions are already moving away from gas to pursue their own climate goals Cities in California have moved to ban the use of natural gas in homes, while New York has blocked a billion-dollar pipeline project. dollars that Governor Andrew Cuomo Opposition from environmental groups even pushed Dominion Energy Inc cancel a major pipeline project before selling most of its gas operations in July Utilities are also gearing up for a gas-free future In addition to building renewables, energy giants NextEra Energy Inc and Entergy Corp are making part of companies that invest in gas turbines that can switch to 100% renewable hydrogen Yet many doubt that it is even possible to achieve a carbon-free electricity grid in 15 years, which is a more ambitious goal than that that California and New York have set Transforming the electricity grid would be both costly and complicated and analysts warn against taking the plan too literally. To pay for that, Biden has proposed a 28% corporate tax rate hike from 21% as well as ‘use of stimulus money But that would require congressional approval, a tall order if Republicans retain control of the Senate.Nevertheless, the decarbonization push reflected in the Biden plan poses a real and long-term threat to natural gas as a source of electricity. « There would be a huge risk of falling demand for gas, » said Carlos Torres Diaz, head of gas and electricity market research at Rystad Energy AS, in Oslo. “Even if we don’t hit zero” (Add Lazard analysis in fifth paragraph) For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the news source of most trusted business © 2020 Bloomberg LP

A massive sell-off accelerated on Monday as investors continued to weigh on the declining prospects of a short-term stimulus package and saw coronavirus cases still on the rise in the US

The airline puts the Boeing airliner back on the ground in its flight schedule for a return to service at the end of December

If you have old-fashioned ‘value’ or ‘equity income’ funds in your 401 (k), IRA, or other retirement accounts, you may be asking yourself or very delicate questions to your financial advisor Strategists have clearly divided the stock market into two halves « value » and « growth » Morningstar (MORN), the fund research firm, says the US mutual fund  » large companies’ value has lost 8% so far this year, including reinvested dividends

Chipmaker Intel is set to close a deal to sell its memory chip business to SK Hynix of South Korea for around $ 10 billion, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday Intel stock rose on the news

Although Americans generally assume that they will retire when they want, and on their own terms, many will be surprised

Shares of Kaixin Auto Holdings Inc soared 2575% on massive Monday afternoon trading volume, to extend the volatile trading period that began last week despite the lack of news reported by the Chinese car dealership operator Trade volume has exploded to 1,840 million shares, already more than triple the previous one-day high of 606 million in October 14, and enough to make the stock the most actively traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment The stock has now gained 12,703% in the past four sessions It has run up to 556% on volume of 551 million shares on Friday, fell 328% on volume of 63 million shares on Thursday and climbed 2667% on volume of 606 million on Wednesday In the company’s last filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 26, the company ad said after re-examining its business model that it had decided to shut down its used car dealership business, meaning that second-quarter revenues would be « significantly lower » than in previous periods, and that « it May not have significant income as of Q3 2020 « The stock had closed at a record high of 41 cents in September 8 With the recent rally, the stock has climbed 2957% year-to-date, while that the iShares MSCI China ETF gained 214% and the S&P 500 gained 74%

While the rich and corporations may have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay Uncle Sam, tax-exempt municipal bonds could become a big winner

While Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is expected to release third quarter results on Wednesday, analyst at Wedbush is optimistic the electric vehicle giant will surpass expectations Tesla analyst: Daniel Ives maintained a neutral rating on equities Tesla and raised the price target from $ 475 to $ 500 Tesla’s thesis: The focus will likely be on Tesla’s level of profitability in Q3 and unit growth trajectory in Q4, said Ives in a Monday note Company Set To Report Net Profit, Aided By Manufacturing Efficiency And Giga3’s Shining Success In China, Analyst SaidFull-year deliveries are on track to meet company target of 500,000, as Tesla navigated the unprecedented backdrop of COVID-19, he said “We believe that with a strong 4Q, Tesla will be on the verge of reaching the 500k threshold as pent-up Chinese demand and pockets of force in Europe remain the linchpin of the resurgence in demand that Musk & Co have seen over the past few quarters, ”said Ives Related Link: What to Expect When Tesla’s Q3 Report Drops Next Week See More Profits on TSLA As China Expected to Account for Over 40% of Tesla’s Global Sales By early 2022, Tesla’s profitability profile will improve, as Model 3s sold in China have higher margins, analyst said With more leverage on the horizon from Giga 3, more drops in both the US and China could stimulate demand further, he said. « Stable profitability after years of red ink has been the heart and lungs of the bull thesis in the streets and a key element of the share’s performance this year“The global EV market is still in its infancy in the world, according to Wedbush, Tesla is in a formidable position to maintain its leadership position despite competition from all angles in the world,” said Ives Action of TSLA Price: Tesla shares were down 049% to $ 437.53 at last check on Monday Related link: Tesla analyst sees disconnect between stock price and EV company fundamentals Photo courtesy of Tesla Latest ratings for TSLA DateFirmActionFrom to Oct2020WedbushMaintainsNeutral Oct2020Morgan StanleyMaintainsEgal-Weight Oct2020Goldman SachsMaintainsNeutral See more analyst notes for TSLA Battery supplier LG Chem reports profit growth of 159% * Tesla analyst sees disconnect between stock price and fundamentals of EV (C ) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Mortgage rates fall to new all-time low, supporting real estate sector As a result, dire labor market conditions have yet to hit homebuyers’ demand

Many tech companies have seen massive share gains since the March crisis inflicted by COVID Few, however, have generated as many benefits as Nio Limited (NIO) Surprising the electric vehicle trend, from the lowest March shares of Chinese electric vehicle maker rose 1070% As Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu points out that there was no specific catalyst to send stocks higher, analyst has several developments that have helped maintain momentumFirst, in a recent interview, CEO William Li said he expects Nio to be able to manufacture 150,000 vehicles per year by the end of next year, up from 60,000 that he can currently produce In the long run, Nio hopes to increase the figure to 300000 per year In addition, the Chinese market is « trending faster » than the analyst had expected, as evidenced by strong sales in September; Passenger VEB sales increased 70% year-over-year to 100,000 units This represents the highest monthly volume since June 2019, which was the cut-off month for government subsidies In addition, Yu believes the fact as customers wait several months for deliveries due to over-orders caused growing excitement among buyers, while the meteoric rise of the craft brand has resulted in « patriotic buys » Add an increase in the volume of shopping options in the mix and everything results in a « stock on fire » Yet Yu also points out how sentiment could change It is the electric vehicle manufacturer giant that Nio needs to watch out for « We see a risk that Tesla could significantly reduce the price of its locally made Model Y (MIC) from 488k RMB ($ 73k) to something in the mid-high range of 300k ($ 56-58k) It could potentially harm short-term sentiment and slow NIO’s backlog momentum, given that it would be a direct competitor to NIO’s EC6 and ES6, ”said analystOverall, Yu maintains a buy rating on shares Nio Yu intends to revise its valuation « after the company releases quarterly figures » (To view Yu’s history, click here) ‘Taken together, based on 7 buy, 2 take, and 1 sell, the stock has a moderate buy consensus rating.However, analysts believe the surge needs to pause as the $ 21 price target average of 72 implies a 22% drop in stocks over the next few months (See Nio Stock Analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks To Buy , a newly launched tool that brings together all information about the actions of TipRanks Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analyst Content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do yo be clean before making any investment

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