World News – US – Drew Barrymore gets emotional divorce, ‘intimidating’ search for new love


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It’s no secret that Drew Barrymore struggled with addiction and had a difficult relationship with his mother and father growing up as a child star.She often speaks candidly about her drug use and his inscription on the Hollywood blacklist at 12 years old

But the 45-year-old has been a bit more private about her personal life in recent years, especially when it comes to her two daughters, Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6 She married the father of her daughters, actor Will Kopelman, in 2012 and they divorced in 2016

In a recent interview with Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist, the new talk show host touched on how her divorce and family as a child now play into her parenting style.

“Her family and I kind of made the most important choice: to be so together, united and connected,” she told Willie. “That’s, I guess, what they call the family And I know not to grow up with any family whatsoever the last thing I wanted to do for my daughters « 

« I think that’s why I took (the divorce) so hard, » she continued « (I) was, like, oh, the ultimate promise I wanted to make with you and for you was to have this amazing family And I found them And there’s something wrong that isn’t livable How tragic is that? « 

The Golden Globe winner also reflected on her ability to openly discuss her divorce, as she does for many aspects of her life

“At first I couldn’t understand,” recalls the “Charlie’s Angels” star, “And if I had even talked about it, I would have just become a whiner – I really didn’t take the divorce well. took it real hard Even now I’m just like, oh that’s such a painful thing « 

“It took me five years to be able to speak with strength, articulation, perspective, hindsight and see everything we were doing right,” she added. “Because when we got divorced, we had the feeling like everything was wrong I think this applies to anyone who thinks that something will be eternal and it is not « 

Her divorce made it difficult to find love again, she said Barrymore was also married to producer Jeremy Thomas from 1994 to 1995 and to comedian Tom Green from 2001 to 2002

« It’s like, I don’t think I got over it I don’t know how to reopen it It’s like something closed, and it stayed closed, » she explained. « I think that I’m as scared of finding love again as I would be as if it never happened « 

Even though Barrymore continues to live his own love life, his daughters have adapted well to having their mom in the spotlight

« It was interesting because when they were younger my whole life wasn’t so good with them And now it’s the exact opposite, » she said to Willie. « And like divorce, things finally fell into place But it’s amazing that my kids and I are happy Because there have been a lot of times I’ve really asked: will we be happy? And we are So it’s choking me « 

These days Barrymore is focused on parenting and animating « The Drew Barrymore Show, » which premiered a month ago, to the day, as Willie pointed out

“I always feel like everyday I’m going to get fired I’m sure,” she joked “It’s so intimidating because the more you care about something, the more you’re afraid he’ll go away « 


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News from the world – United States – Drew Barrymore gets emotional divorce, ‘intimidating’ search for new love



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