World News – US – Fox News host Tucker Carlson says ‘partisan judges’ want to destroy election night ‘without fraud’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson said « partisan judges » tried to « destroy » on election night Nov. 3 as state courts extended mail within the ballot deadline

During a monologue on the network last night, Carlson said judges in Pennsylvania and Michigan wanted the votes to be counted for weeks so that legal action could be taken against the ballots in the main Battlefield states

« There is nothing that partisan judges would love to destroy more in the end than a quick, efficient and fraud-free election night That’s the point here, make no mistake about it

« If all the votes are tallied overnight, no one will have time to make decisions to reject the ballots they don’t like. And that’s why the judges in Pennsylvania and Michigan want the election officials count votes for weeks after polling day

« With their decisions last week, they made this essentially inevitable. It will be a disaster, we know that for some we have already seen it in the Iowa caucuses last February »

The expansion of access to postal voting amid the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a backlash from President Donald Trump and other prominent Republican Party figures who have argued the practice will increase cases of electoral fraud

The Pennsylvania Republican Party was planning to challenge the state’s extension of the postal ballot deadline earlier this week, as the move was widely seen as a boost for Democrats who are more likely to vote by mail than their GOP counterparts

Speaking at the White House Thursday afternoon, the president sought to cast further doubt on the integrity of the 2020 presidential election in light of extensions to the postal vote

« We want to make sure the elections are fair, and I’m not sure that could be with this whole situation, » Trump said « Unsolicited ballots from millions sent to everyone »

Justices in Michigan and Pennsylvania ruled in favor of extending the postal ballot deadline last week – a move that will see fewer ballots rejected for delay amid fears about the US Postal Service (USPS) Ability to Deliver Ballots on Time

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling on Thursday last week allowed spoiled ballots at 8%m on election day counting provided they are received on November 6 at 5 p.m.

In its decision, the Pennsylvania court noted that a letter from the US Postal Service Attorney General said certain postal voting deadlines were « incongruous » with its delivery standards

« In light of the information contained in the letter from the USPS Attorney General, the Secretary concludes that a temporary extension of the deadline for receipt of the Election Code is necessary for the next general election to ensure a free and fair election as protected by Article I, Section 5 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, ”Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge Max Baer said

In Michigan, Claims Court Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled that all postmarked ballots before November 2 would be eligible for the count provided they are received within two weeks on polling day

According to MLive, the Michigan Supreme Court previously ruled in July that mail-in ballots must arrive before 8 a.m.m on polling day from

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World News – US – Fox News host Tucker Carlson says «   » want to destroy election night «  without fraud  »


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