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I started in technology while working for IBM and what makes the company unique is not its age – over 100 years old – but the fact that it has been from the start when I got to know them in the 1970s took security very seriously My first large-scale security experience was at IBM, and I learned the need to secure the site and secure the trusted partners, because after thinking we had secured the test site, the group performing the test hacked through an unsecured trusted partner

Security couldn’t be more critical today due to the COVID-19 pandemic People working from home have created almost limitless avenues for hostile actors and increasingly foreign hostile governments to access them and messing around And the resulting violations are happening at an alarming rate

So it’s no surprise that the largest security company (over $ 3 billion in the world) is in high demand during the most massive cybersecurity exposure the world has likely ever seen

Initially, cloud providers were anything but secure and luckily over the years this has improved dramatically Surveys have shown that 76% of organizations use up to 15 different trusted clouds ( there are always cloud efforts that go under the radar; I’ll highlight one below) Additionally, 98% of companies plan to switch to hybrid cloud architectures within three years This trend appears to be accelerating during the pandemic, as businesses find cloud services much easier to manage remotely than existing on-premises hardware

One of the best examples of unauthorized cloud use was with a pharmaceutical company A few years ago, a team wanted to buy workstations to research a new drug, and IT told them that it would take over $ 100,000 and six months for approval and implementation The team had neither the money nor the time, so they used the cloud, which cost them $ 3,000 and less than a month to complete the project They received an award from the company for having saved money They were then fired for violating security policy because the cloud service they were using was in Eastern Europe They could not guarantee that the data on the new drug had not been compromised

Security solutions, to be complete, must cover both on-premises and cloud elements to ensure the protection of the new hybrid cloud business This dynamic is currently creating a revenue opportunity of $ 124 billion for security services, according to Gartner IBM was one of the first and remained the biggest to meet this challenge

IBM Security is built on more than a dozen individual security acquisitions and a sustained security budget of over $ 2 billion in R& D dedicated, resulting in 10,000 unique associated safety patents Currently, IBM has 8,000 professionals working globally on their comprehensive security solutions while handling 70 billion security-related events per day in 133 countries

This global reach gives IBM a broad view of security threats It makes them better able to respond to threats that first appeared in another geographic area because they have already experienced and mitigated them

At the heart of their current security portfolio is the Cloud Pak for Security, which was the first unified hybrid cloud software designed to connect technologies to the entire technology stack in and encompassing hybrid deployments. This solution is designed for the new standard of low headcount and the need for strong integration through a single interface architecture, open data connections and a rich ecosystem of integration and application partners.

Being IBM, which is currently leading enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) with Watson, this solution also features an impressive element of AI that has provided hardware support to correct large-scale attacks faster than teams security only Additionally, it automates critical security processes, reduces complexity, and provides remote managers with a clear view of their organization’s threat landscape.

The Need for a Large Scale Security Solution Compatible with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Has Never Been Greater Businesses are aggressively moving to the cloud and bad state actors are using pandemic as a free pass to harm or steal proprietary information IBM is the only one with the depth and reach to address this enterprise-wide and global issue due to its history of security and its unique capabilities Their ability to rapidly identify and mitigate threats on a global scale remains largely unmatched today, and this confluence of capabilities and needs has led to impressive financial results this month.

With all that is changing around us, it’s nice to see that a trusted brand like IBM is stepping up to keep us safe Just a little bit of good news in what will likely go down in history as one worst years we have lived so far

As President and Senior Analyst of the Enderle Group, Rob provides advice to regional and global companies on how to create a credible dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new business opportunities,  » anticipate technological change, select suppliers and products, and practice zero dollar marketing For over 20 years, Rob has worked for and with companies such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, USAA, Texas Instruments, AMD, Intel, Credit Suisse First Boston, ROLM and Siemens

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World news – United States – IBM Security: the critical solution for a risky world



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