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Kylie Rae was set to face Deonna Purrazzo at Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory PPV, but that didn’t happen Who Came Out instead? Find out below

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The Shovel – WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT Weekly TV Recaps [Photo: Shutterstock] From Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee comes Impact Wrestling’s biggest PPV of the year : Bound for Glory Tonight’s card features a Call Your Shot Gauntlet match where the winner wins a title shot at a time and place of their choosing as if the title shot was money, and they put it somewhere safe, like a bank Additionally, Chris Bey, Trey Miguel, TJP, Jordynne Grace, Willie Mack and Rohit Raju will face off in a 6-way race for the Impact X-Division Championship.In addition, The Good Brothers, The North, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton, and The Motor City Machine Guns face off for the Impact Tag Team Championship Eddie Edwards takes on Ken Shamrock Moose takes on Ec3 in an undisclosed location (read: another part of Skyway Studios) for the TNA Championship Kylie Rae challenges Deonna Purrazzo for the knockout championship And in the main event Rich Swann fights Eric Young for the Impact world championship

Rosemary and John E Bravo apologize to Taya Valkyrie for not helping her more in the Gauntlet Match earlier She tells them not to care What’s important is their Havok marriage arrives She and Rosemary leave to resurrect James Mitchell Taya starts talking to Bravo about the wedding and Bravo turns on her He is suddenly a misogynist He says he wears the pants in this relationship and once he marries Rosemary she will what he says Uh … uh oh

Madison Rayne joins the commentary squad for Championship knockout match Deonna Purazzo heads for the ring first Damn, the champion should come out last! She has Kimber Lee with her Oh, but there’s a twist When Kylie’s music plays she doesn’t take out Purrazzo goes up to the mic and says she isn’t surprised that Kylie hasn’t come She offers to defend her championship against any man or woman in the locker room

Su Yung comes out What’s going on here? The last time we saw her Purrazzo was breaking her arm and she still thought she was Susie Now she is back to Su Yung and Kylie Rae is gone? Did Su Yung take out Kylie? Well I hope we find out

This match quickly turns into a brawl and spills over onto the apron Yung hits a backbreaker from the apron to the floor (planting Purrazzo on the apron) who looks brutal Yung sets up a chair outside, but Purrazzo pulls her back in the ring They trade pin attempts Eventually, Purrazzo takes control of the match and begins working on Yung’s arm to prepare her for the rings of Saturn

So let’s take a moment here, while Purrazzo does his thing, to figure out what’s going on Looks like Yung replacing Kylie wasn’t rumored before the game, so it’s a surprise What Happened Rae wasn’t injured, as far as I know Is this a COVID thing? Looks like she pulled out of an independent event a week and a half ago so The Impact knew about it, at least before the last minute, maybe for weeks on end So why keep promoting it with Kylie? It’s a bit disappointing as it was one of the best-built matches for Bound for Glory and on top of that we are a bit deceived by the slow comeback from Su Yung which is also building

Well, the truth will come out eventually As I pondered the ethics of the Impact promoting a game they knew couldn’t happen, Purrazzo hit Su Yung hard. Now Yung is making a comeback They fight on the outside and Yung places Purrazzo in that chair she set up at ringside towards the start of the match Then she hits a running scent from the apron on Purrazzo on the chair

Yung sends Purrazzo back inside and finds a pedigree, but Purrazzo retreats Take that, Triple H! Yung puts on a nasty glove and goes towards the mandibular claw, but Purrazzo backs up Some shenanigans ensue and Purrazzo accidentally takes the ref Yung hits a … inverted vertebrate (?), But the ref can’t count Kimber Lee heading towards cheating with a chair shot while the referee is away Yung blows a red haze in his eyes But Purrazzo gets the armband on Yung

Before Purrazzo can transform the armband into Rings of Saturn, Yung locks the mandible claw, causing Purrazzo to snap the hold. Yung hits a stunner and a panic switch She gets the pin

After the game, Madison Rayne reveals that the Knockouts Tag Team Championships are coming back Josh Matthews says they will be back « in 2020 » in January at Hard to Kill He means 2021 He corrects himself after a short promo video The PPV is January 16, 2021

Uh… what’s going on here? Where’s Kylie Rae? Why is Purrazzo’s reign over when it has only just begun? Why is Su Yung back?

Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Bleeding Cool live (ish) recap continues To follow all of Bound for Glory results tonight, click on the links for each match below And if you feel FOMO because you weren’t able to watch these matches, you will eventually be able to see them on Impact Plus Bleeding Cool will also be covering tomorrow’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV in a similar fashion, so you won’t have to waste your time watching that either! Check back here tomorrow for all the results and our famous insightful commentary

This article is part of a multi-part series: The Shovel: Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory Edition 10/24/2020

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World News – United States – Impact Bound for Glory Recap – New Knockouts Champion after Bait & Switch



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