World News – US – It’s no surprise the Big Ten agenda is already in trouble


Less than a week away from Wisconsin opening the Big Ten season Friday night by hitting Illinois, the Badgers cancel their game with Nebraska and suspend team activities for seven days due to ‘COVID-19 outbreak that includes six positive cases among players and six among coaching staff Head coach Paul Chryst and starting quarterback Graham Mertz are among those who have tested positive

This outbreak will push other players into quarantine, which is why the Badgers are forced to cancel Saturday’s game, and puts the November 7 team playing with Purdue also at risk

Wisconsin is one of 14 team But the Badgers are the Big Ten West’s top playoff contender and also exemplify the tenuous nature of a last-minute planning model that will see the Big Ten attempt to play nine straight weeks in order to squeeze his season before the final of the college football playoffs rankings in December 20

COVID-19 has yet to disperse Wisconsin is one of the nation’s biggest hotspots, with the state governor on Tuesday calling the outbreak a « crisis » Security protocols and relative bubble that comes with being in an FBS football program provides shelter for players, but we’ve already seen 37 FBS games canceled this season, including the Badgers and Huskers

The season is progressing but not without challenges Every conference has been impacted The Big Ten was not going to be unique

Yet, as conferences opted to play out across the country, the Big Ten delayed and delayed the inevitable University presidents and chancellors finally voted to return the season on September 16. there the Big Ten had at least four games behind everyone Putting the safety of your student-athletes first is commendable But if you want to bow down and allow a season to happen anyway, Big Ten officials needed a little more forethought if they hoped to play an entire campaign This element of this mess is in the league The Big Ten Have Been Waiting Now It Pays the Price

The other thing that will hurt the Big Ten as they try to get things done is its security protocols. And while I recognize the tongue-in-cheek nature of that phrase, the fact remains a 21-day isolation period and a reintroduction period for Big Ten players could potentially cause a single-team outbreak over a month, impacting no only this program, but the rest of the league

I should say, before I move on, that I am not criticizing the Big Ten for being more conservative in their return-to-play policies Student-athletes need to be protected, and I’m not a medical expert This review is just about the lack of time

You can’t carry over into the Big Ten There’s no space on the schedule Nebraska won’t get this game back Purdue might not have the game it was supposed to either It sucks It’s a consequence of how the Big Ten have handled this season’s lineup The league could have waited before taking a break in August Instead, he puts himself in a situation where he is sprinting to the finish with no way to slow things down

The Big Ten had a flexible schedule in August, a slate that provided the league with several weeks off and plenty of wiggle room to withstand a few canceled games that came out the window when the Big Ten chose to ‘Cancel instead of waiting for the end The end result is a 2020 Big Ten season that looks tenuous at best

Wisconsin won’t be the last Big Ten team with positive COVID-19 cases The league just has to hope this will be the last program with a serious outbreak.Otherwise, we could consider a situation in which the schedule choices Commissioner Kevin Warren translates to a five or six-game Big Ten champion, jeopardizing the league’s playoff hopes

This planning hiccup was an entirely predictable outcome in the midst of a pandemic Yet here we are The Big Ten’s season opener has been called off Recent history suggests it won’t be the last

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World news – United States – It is not surprising that the program of the Big Ten is already in trouble



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