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West Virginia look to extend three-game winning streak to 5:30 pm tonight’s road game against Texas Tech After losing their first road game of the year to No.6 Oklahoma State , the Mountaineers (3-1, 2-1 Big 12) have won back-to-back home games against Baylor and Kansas It’s also the second game in an action streak over five consecutive Saturdays WVU lost its first traveled to Lubbock, TX in 2012, but won the last three road games of the series

Texas Tech, meanwhile, opened their season with a two-point victory over an FCS school, collapsed late in settlement and lost in overtime to Texas and dropped both games after that. to rank Kansas State and Iowa State The Red Raiders (1-3) are 0-3 in the Big 12 for the first time and haven’t been 0-4 in their conference since 1985 They are looking for a spark today hui of replacement quarterback Henry Colombi, who starts in place of ineffective Alan Bowman

Texas Tech coach Matt Wells is in his second season after a successful run at Utah State He’s 8-2 after an open weekend, and the losses deserve an explanation One was in Oklahoma this season last One was in Texas this season

WVU against Colombi with the No. 1 defense in the country in yards allowed per game per game and a group that ranks in the top 10 for points, assists, runs, red zone and third defense The Mountaineers did not allowed an opponent to pass 300 yards in a game since last season’s home loss to the Red Raiders, a seven-game streak Colombi is looking to break today Texas Tech is averaging 310 passing yards per match

The game is televised by ESPN2 If you think this is an unusual kick-off time, you’re right Texas Tech hasn’t started home at 4:30 p.m. CST since 2006 It was a non-conference match against the current Big 12 TCU member, and the game was televised by Outdoor Life Network

– No lineup change regarding the two Left guard is a game decision between Zach Frazier and James Gmiter This means the team has arrived healthy and presumably TJ Simmons will play He’s on today’s clothes list

– VanDarius Cowan is out today He hasn’t played since being injured early in the second half against Oklahoma State

– No Taijh Alston The defensive end has not played this season, but WVU is hoping he will play in the second half of the calendar

– First-year cornerback David Vincent-Okoli, who has not played this season, is not in uniform today

– Bandit Bryce Brand, who is eligible to play today after the NCAA forced him out of the first four games, is not in uniform He was on the dress list last week

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– First-year defensive end Sean Martin, who hasn’t played this week, is in uniform He was on the outfit list for the first time last week and staff were planning on playing him in the final series, but Kansas returned the kickoff for a touchdown

– Junior Uzebu, suspended for the opening of the match, started the second match and has not played since, is not in uniform today

– WVU traveled with 70 players, the most allowed for a road game Note this includes two kickers, two punters and two long snappers, 12 offensive linemen and nine defensive linemen

– First drive ends with a crisp Sean Ryan RPO drop Not Doege’s fault It should be a catch and run

– and now a false start on a punt Another special teams mistake by Exree Loe

– Texas Tech collides with third and 9 After going 0 for 10 against Iowa State last week, the attack moves the chains with a pitch below and a run for sticks

– And now another third down conversion makes it the first and the Colombi goal broke the pocket and gave himself some space Hit Alan Bowman he was too fast and didn’t fished and probed as it should Colombi did and was rewarded

– Sam James, playing in the slot machine, goes in deep and catches a familiar fade pass they like to call there

– SCORE: Leddie Brown scores on a 3-yard run That’s 18 straight scores and 15 touchdowns for the first team’s offense in the red zone RATING, 7-7

Leddie Brown now has an 8 on the team ?? affected, including 6 ?? on the ground?? https: // tco / pAfwY9qoIp # HailWV | #TrustTheClimb picTwittercom / QR8wNEQ3I4

– Fun WVU stuff on this record with Winston Wright playing the running back and catching WVU passes at a good pace here

– Reader dies Doege threw a softball across the field at Bryce Ford-Wheaton who was nearly intercepted Alec Sinkfield was tackled for a third and third loss Doege missed a deep open Wright on the left side on the fourth try

– SCORE: Texas Tech made his way onto the field in the middle of last season SaRodorick Thompson is untouched and has escorted through the middle fir for a 48-yard touchdown He had 60 yards on both previous matches But Texas Tech misses PAT TEXAS TECH LEADS 13-7

– During a review during the break, Tony Fields is sent off for targeting Hard decision close Not obvious Colombi has given up and Fields has gone from helmet to helmet Dylan Tonkery is the starting bandit and middle linebacker

– Sack of Dante Stills, and he has cramps during his party A big third is looming here

– Third and 14th, Texas Tech gets 12 Colombi rushes into coverage and maybe didn’t know he was fourth It was weird, but WVU will cut turnover

– SCORE: A curious call with a run from Sinkfield to the outside for 1 meter in third and 6 precedes Evan Staley’s 41 meter basket TEXAS TECH LEADS 13-10

– Colombi is not agile, but he is efficient Pick his spots and find the first one with his legs

– Oof Tykee Smith thinks he’s got a fumble – the first of the season! – and WVU bench goes wild The Texas Tech receiver was down WVU bench received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty Texas Tech will retrieve the ball and 15 yards

– Ha The penalty was on Fields, who was sent off New rule for 2020: a disqualified player does not have to go to the dressing room

– Texas Tech doesn’t trust Colombi to try his luck in third and 12, but trusts him to seed a fourth and 11th seed Big conversion there Texas Tech’s kicker isn’t bad A 45-meter is probably in his bag

– SCORE: Don’t question Wells Third and Eighth and Colombi throws under again, this time for Try Cleveland, who crosses the goal line for an 11-yard touchdown TEXAS TECH LEADS 20-10

– WVU has the bettor on the field behind Doege and Brown? Texas Tech Timeout

– WVU goes for that? Brown picks it up, but WVU wasted 25 seconds before the Texas Tech timeout

– Doege finds Isaiah Esdale in midfield for healthy gain First run at 28 Timeout WVU to set up Staley’s 45-yard basket

– First game of half-time is turnover Jeffery Pooler forces it and Dante Stills recovers First run at Texas Tech 24

– Frazier doesn’t block anyone, Doege takes a hit and Wright runs under a good ball and catches it on 2 Big start for the attack here

– SCORE: Problem Solved Leading a play you’ve seen before is Doege to TJ Banks for a 2 yard score, the first for Banks in his career RELATED GAME, 20-20

– Colombi is ready to start this half Hold on as Smith buckles up unblocked on the blind side and throws a strike down the middle to pick up 20 yards

– Colombi continues and almost passes the corner of Ramasse 5 street and gives WVU something to think about in the red zone

– SCORE: Tahj Brooks ends possession with a 5 yard run down the right side TEXAS TECH LEADS 27-20

– A run in third and short turns back, and WVU will have to throw its 42

– Or not! Wright waves to the shield, takes the shots and runs around the corner for a first down Great game design

– Third and tenth, Texas Tech is offside and grabs Doege’s face mask Doege survives and hits Sam Brown for 7 yards Add the penalty distance, and it’s the first goal in 3

– The defense’s quick stop and WVU should have a good position on the field, but Austin McNamara pops an 87-yard punt It’s a touchback Wild stuff out there

– WVU has a chance to move the chains, but Doege’s pass to Ali Jennings is on the money but dropped by the receiver

– Slight intrigue here but WVU punches Kolton McGhee drops him in 10 Texas Tech is running out of players on offense and probably needs to get the ball out of the shadows of his end zone

– Third and tenth Doege is in a hurry and rolls right and Ford-Wheaton isn’t looking It’s almost a problem A little lower or later and it’s an interception and maybe a pick of six

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– Texas Tech offensive lacks imagination I’m going to need special teams or defense here to save the day

– WVU is going to have a good position on the pitch here Brown had a break in the third quarter It should be fresh Be deliberate and get points and trust the defense

– SCORE: Zech McPhearson returns the fumble 56 yards for a TEXAS TECH LEADS 34-27 touchdown

– Big time for Neal Brown’s schedule here It was a punch in the gut I have to get off the mat, protect the passer and throw the ball

– Doege to the right, and that moves the chains Wright was the best receiver today It has to count to move forward

– Third and eighth, and now Wright drops the pass It’s the same route he just converted Doege’s throw was perfectly acceptable

– Colombi with a coin when he had to have one Stuck this third and fifth pass where he had to go if he wanted to move the chains

– Third running back spends a day Play smart to get out far and then go north This is another first down WVU lack of time and real estate here

– Texas Tech punts, and Sinkfield claims a good hold at 17 with 42 seconds left

– Reese Smith is targeted for second snap in a row, and it’s in his hands He can’t hang on

– Doege to James in midfield, and James is on 38 with 2 seconds left

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World News – USA – Live Updates: West Virginia vs Texas Tech – TTU 34, WVU 27 (F)



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