World News – US – Orionid meteor shower arrives in October


The Orionid meteor shower covers the large area of ​​the sky The point through which they originate is known as the radiant which is part of the constellation

According to espacecom “The Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight until tomorrow morning (Oct 20-21), and the moon will be dark enough for skygazers to see one or more of these shooting stars « 

They are considered the most beautiful showers of the year known for their speed and brightness

According to NASA « Hemisphere or northeast if you are in the southern hemisphere, and look up, admiring the sky as much as possible. In less than 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes will adjust and you will start to see meteors « 

I know we are all excited about the sight, but keep in mind that you have to be patient to enjoy something and make it a lasting memory

The moon will be a crescent crescent during peak rain, added by NASA, so the little moonlight that emerges from this moon silver will not flood the sky during peak meteor shower This makes it easier for viewers to spot shooting stars Viewers can expect to see around 10 to 20 meteors per hour, said Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office.

space states that « the best way to see meteors is to either find a place to lie flat on the ground for at least an hour, or to look towards the part of the sky slightly higher than the location of the constellation of Orion « 

Also remember to look for a place first without light pollution You can even use apps that can help you locate the constellation but get away from the screen time while viewing the shower The human eye needs time to spot a weaker meteor so it will take time to adjust the night sky and the bright light cloud Maximum it will take is 30 minutes to get a clear view of the shower

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World news – United States – Orionid meteor shower arrives in October



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