World News – US – Remdesivir remains a treatment option for Covid-19 patients in S’pore as authorities study conflicting results on efficacy


SINGAPORE – The National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) is actively reviewing the latest conflicting findings regarding the antiviral drug remdesivir, although the drug remains a treatment option for Covid-19 patients in Singapore

This comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) published the interim results of its Solidarity trial on October 15

Results of WHO trial indicate that remdesivir has little or no effect on the length of hospital stay of patients with Covid-19 or on their chances of survival

The NCID’s Covid-19 Therapeutic Working Group is therefore actively reviewing the final report of the United States National Institutes of Health’s first adaptive treatment trial Covid-19 (ACTT1) that was released recently, as well as a WHO Solidarity Trial Preprinted Document

ACTT1 studied the effectiveness of remdesivir in patients with Covid-19 A preprinted document is a research document that has not yet been peer reviewed

The WHO has also assembled an international team, which includes representatives from Singapore, to discuss the latest findings in more detail before issuing an update on treatment recommendations, the NCID told the Straits Times on Tuesday 20 October

Remdesivir was developed by US drug maker Gilead Sciences and received conditional approval from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority for use outside of clinical trials in June

Infectious disease specialists may administer remdesivir to patients with low oxygen saturation levels of 94% or less, or to those who may need supplemental oxygen or assistance more intensive breathing

« It is important to remember that this is a new disease and that continuing research and clinical trials are underway to provide the best treatment options and strategies for patients The processing guide is a living document that should be updated as new knowledge becomes available, ”NCID said

Continued emphasis must be placed on early detection of cases, close monitoring of disease progression and early intervention, NCID stressed

Companies such as Gilead have run to find cure for Covid-19 Some 11 million people have died and 41 million have been reported infected with the coronavirus, which has plunged the global economy into disarray

Remdesivir was one of the first drugs to be used in the treatment of Covid-19 It was also one of the drugs recently used to treat US President Donald Trump after testing positive for Covid-19 Previous studies have been shown to reduce recovery time

Gilead has raised concerns over the WHO data, saying the data appeared inconsistent, the results were premature, and other studies had validated the drug’s benefits

« It’s a reliable result Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because they will try to do it, » Dr Richard Peto, an independent statistician hired by the WHO to evaluate his Solidarity trial, told reporters.

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World news – United States – Remdesivir remains a treatment option for Covid-19 patients in S’pore as authorities investigate contradictory results on efficacy



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