World News – US – Stephen Colbert mourned by Dolly Parton vocals on ‘The Late Show’


On Tuesday night, the venerable Dolly Parton appeared in The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where the country music superstar moved Colbert to tears There to promote his new book, Songteller, and his new album , Holly Dolly Christmas, Parton began to remember how her mother sang in the house She then broke into the song, singing « Bury Me Beneath the Willows », and it turned out too much for Colbert At first you could see him telling someone offscreen that he was having goose bumps. The next time it came back to him Colbert was wiping the tears from his eyes Parton stopped just long enough to ask Colbert if he was crying before resuming singing

Parton finally stopped singing, saying, « So I better shut up before I cry to death and we can’t finish the show » Like a lot of Americans, I’m very stressed out right now, Dolly, « replied Colbert laughing as he continued to wipe away his tears » And, uh, you have under my travel thread right there, I’ll tell you right there, it was quite beautiful « 

« Isn’t it funny that sometimes there is nothing happier than a scream? » Asked Colbert « Yeah, I think it cleanses your soul, » Parton replied « I think water is good for washing it away That’s what tears are for, I think »

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Dolly Parton, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

World News – United States – Stephen Colbert mourned by Dolly Parton’s vocals on « The Late Show »



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