World News – US – ‘Stubborn’ cat is filmed running backwards on escalator


Posted: 4:23 PM GMT, October 26, 2020 | Update: 17:08 GMT, October 26, 2020

A trending video captured the funny moment a cat ran the wrong way on an escalator in China

The moggy, described as ‘stubborn’, spent a few minutes trying to descend the moving stairs that were heading upwards, according to the eyewitness who filmed the footage

A 25-second clip of the fun chat action has racked up over six million clicks since uploading yesterday

The moggy, spotted in the Chinese city of Suzhou, spent a few minutes trying to descend the escalator that headed upwards, according to the person who filmed the viral footage

The furry escalator conductor was spotted at a three-story library in Suzhou, east China on Sunday, video loader Ms He told MailOnline

A crowd of puzzled spectators gathered at the bottom of the ascending staircase to watch the determined animal try to descend, Ms. He said.

The viral video begins by showing the cat rushing down the escalator from the top Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get very far

He stopped briefly when he encountered a man who was walking but who quickly continued his odyssey in an even more resolute manner

After running for about 15 seconds without a break, he stopped abruptly on a step and was carried upward accordingly

The video has garnered more than 372,000 likes, 44,000 comments and 19,500 shares on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok, since it was shared by a video blogger on Sunday

Ms. He said that after getting on and off the escalator several times, the cat finally gave up on his adventure and was taken back to the top of the escalator

In a message accompanying the video, Ms. He called the cat «  stubborn.  » She also gave the clip a humorous caption saying «  Why can’t Wuhuang come down? – referring to a Chinese cartoon cat known for his proud temperament

The video gathered over 372,000 likes, 44,000 comments and 19,500 shares on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tik Tok

One of those commentators thought: ‘[It’s] like life Once you stop you will be brought back to where you started’

Another concluded: « The video teaches us that all efforts in the wrong direction will be in vain ‘

Earlier this month, another cat became an internet sensation in China after being escorted by a bullet train

The video downloader jokingly wrote that the furry traveler was ‘forced to leave the train after refusing to buy a ticket’

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News from the world – United States – « Stubborn » cat is filmed running the wrong way on an escalator



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