World News – US – Susan Collins, Last Remnant of New England’s GOP Representation in Congress, Fights for Politics


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Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins says « people want to end the impasse »; Molly Line reports the latest

Almost 100 years ago, former Vermont-born Massachusetts governor Calvin Coolidge was president – and was widely regarded as the most conservative president in the country alongside Ronald Reagan

In 1936, only the states of Maine and Vermont went to Republican presidential candidate Alf Landon when Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt won a huge landslide in re-election

In the 1950s, a GOP political dynasty was born in Connecticut with the election of Sen Prescott Bush

Today, Maine Sen Susan Collins is not only fighting for her political life in one of the most watched races, but she is also the last vestige of New England’s GOP representation in Congress. which was a strongly republican region in bygone times

Although three of New England’s six states – Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont – have moderate Republican governors, 10 of the region’s 12 senators are Democrats, while young Maine senator Angus King, is a Caucasian independent with the Democrats

Collins, possibly the only Republican to vote against Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court and one of three GOP senators to vote against the repeal of ObamaCare in 2018, touts his bipartisanship – but she has been criticized by President Trump for his Barrett position

Moderate Collins touts her bipartisanship as well as federal money she directed to Maine as a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee During the COVID-19 pandemic, Collins was the co-sponsor of the Paycheck Protection Program, a federal repayable business loan program to encourage employers to keep workers on staff

His opponent, Democratic Speaker of the House of Maine, Sara Gideon, challenges Collins for voting to uphold Justice Bret Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court, for supporting Trump’s tax cuts and for voting against impeachment Trump from office in the Senate impeachment trial in February Former President Barack Obama recently advertised Gideon, who leads Collins by 42% in the poll average Real Clear Politics The political report Cook ranks the race as a draw

Gideon, who took part in his’ Health Care is on the Ballot ‘tour, says Collins’ vote for most of Trump’s righteous candidates endangered the Affordable Care Act

« The people of Maine deserve a senator who will put them first, » Gideon wrote in an op-ed for Seacoast Online « They deserve a senator who will put aside partisan politics to deliver results In the Senate, I will all fight the days for all Mainers to have access to affordable and quality health care « 

Collins has already survived national headwinds She was first elected in 1996 when Democratic President Bill Clinton was re-elected She also won in 2008, capturing all 16 counties and surpassing Obama in the State of 4 % More recently, she was re-elected in 2014 – a strong Republican year – by 23% over her opponent

Nevertheless, in these last elections, Collins was not the last Congressional Republican to stand in a former GOP stronghold

« Historically, New England has been a Republican hotbed, but historically not a conservative hotbed, » Matthew Gagnon, CEO of the Maine Policy Institute, a state-conservative think tank, told Fox News « C ‘ was more of a blue blood group, WASPY that backs big infrastructure projects, more like Teddy Roosevelt than Ronald Reagan « 

The region’s GOP bench was generally referred to as fiscal conservative and socially liberal The Day, a newspaper in New London, Conn, editorialized earlier this year: « Washington was a better place when Republican senators such as John Chaffee of Rhode Island, Lowell Weicker of Connecticut and Edward Brooke of Massachusetts dominated The executive branch was held accountable and things were done « 

US Conservative Editor-in-Chief Matt Purple wrote in August, regional change began under President George W Bush and stepped up under Trump, but has as much – or more – to do with attitude as politics

« Bush’s tax cuts and deficits have offended some of the region’s traditionally thrifty Republicans, » Purple wrote, but added that the national GOP « has ceased to be a coalition of values ​​and is instead become a vanguard in the culture war « focusing on pro-life politics, the Second Amendment and opposition to political correctness that doesn’t fit New Englanders

The change in New England was less regional change and more political change, Gagnon said

« Overall, politics changed over several decades in the Northeast and the Democratic Party built infrastructure and disorganized Republicans, » Gagnon said. « But the idea is overstated that Republicans or the conservatives cannot win in this region We have seen in recent years that this is not true

In 2016, Trump captured an electoral vote from Maine – one of two states dividing electoral college votes by congressional districts Trump lost the state by less than 3% New Hampshire was also very close in 2016

Gagnon spoke about the former Governor of Maine The victories of Paul LePage in 2010 and 2014 and Sen Scott Brown winning a US Senate seat in Massachusetts in a 2010 special election That said, Collins has built a base different policy from the more conservative LePage brand

« His coalition based around Democrats, Independents and left-wing centrists is eroding, » said Gagnon. « LePage was elected and re-elected with an entirely different base »

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News from the world – United States – Susan Collins, last vestige of the GOP representation of the New England in Congress, fights for politics



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