World News – US – Tom Holland teases first look at unexplored leak, says Sony can’t fire it


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Uncharted film actor Tom Holland weighed in on new photos emerging from the film’s set by teasing that he might also have his own photo to share soon Holland retweeted an image shared by developer Naughty Dog which showed it to him and Nolan North, Nathan Drake’s voice actor in the Uncharted games, while asking him if he should spontaneously share a first image If shared, this would be the first time we’ve seen an official photo of the Dutch version of Nathan Drake that we’ll see in the new movie Uncharted

Holland shared the image below and asked if his followers thought « Sony would be pissed off if [he] spontaneously uploaded a first photo. » He said he got North’s approval for the idea and joked that Sony couldn’t fire him because of it

Do you think Sony would be pissed off if I spontaneously uploaded a first photo I got Nolan’s approval so I guess they can’t fire me now https: // tco / Ie99tKLha4

We’ve only seen glimpses of Holland as Nathan Drake, the film’s lead role, in the past, but no official image solely focused on him as the character has been shared. He shared a photo in July that seemed like the look he would sport in the film since work on the film was in progress at the time, and before the above pic was released we saw unofficial photos from the filming of the film movie shared online They showed Holland next to Mark Wahlberg playing Sully, Nathan Drake’s mentor in the movie

We can put together an idea of ​​what Netherlands’ young Nathan Drake looks like from these images, but we still haven’t seen an official photo If Holland has what he wants, we can get it ASAP

For those wondering what North was doing with Holland, the actor said he was visiting the set of the film, so there is no reason to believe he is involved in any official capacity. either He said before that he hadn’t been contacted at all about the film, but it seems that has changed since he was invited to the set He said Holland « crushes him like Nathan Drake ”, which is a good sign for the state of the film

Tom Holland, Nathan Drake, Nolan North, Uncharted

World news – US – Tom Holland teases first look at Leaking Uncharted, says Sony can’t fire it



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