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The Department of Justice ordered Pennsylvania election officials to change the way they do business after a handful of ballots sent by members of the military were discovered – well, the DOJ did did not say, but ABC did: « Nine bulletins were found in the trash, prompting an FBI investigation, » the media reported

Oh my Seven were votes for President Donald Trump; the other two were sealed and « unknown, » the US Pennsylvania Middle District attorney’s office said

77-year-old veteran wearing battered ‘MAGA’ hat in California: ‘We just don’t like people like you’ IG report confirms Obama lied about e -mails from Hillary Donald Trump, laughing on his way to victory

Democrats have a bad presidential candidate Democrats are pushing all courts to get as many voters as possible to mail their ballots, rather than voting in person And here are those ballots  » Trump for President ‘of the Luzerne County Election Board who are rejected What to think of a good Republican citizen?

The FBI’s Scranton office reported that its agents « have opened an investigation into reports of potential problems with a small number of mail-in ballots »

Democrats want people to know that postal voting is nothing more than a ‘count every vote’ and ‘every vote is important’ campaign But that’s a lie It’s superimposed

Democrats rely on mass ballots for two main reasons, so more – more of the kind of support for Trump, that is – can mysteriously disappear, and so the party’s bulldog lawyers have time to intensify the electoral legal challenges

Democrats are determined to win the White House, whatever the means If Democratic candidate Joe Biden can’t cross the finish line – and by all appearances he doesn’t seem able to drag his own body on the finish line, let alone that of an entire political party – but if Biden can’t get it done it’s done, then the dem agents with access to the ballots And if the Dem agents with access to the ballots ballots can’t do it, Dem’s lawyers

« Biden is creating a legal war room, preparing for a big fight, » the New York Times wrote just days ago

Left and leftists in the media would have believed honest Joe is simply preparing for a scenario in which Trump refuses to leave the White House, a dictatorial coup But the real plot is for the left to challenge election results here, contesting election results there, contesting election results everywhere – until enough outstanding chads have been counted to put victory in Biden’s hands

« Even though your staff attempted to piece together some of the poorly opened ballots, » US attorney David Freed said in a letter to Alfalfa County officials, « there is no guarantee that the one of these votes will be counted in the general election »

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World news – US – Trump votes in the trash, oh my God


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