World News – USA – Report: Lakers, the veteran wing of Wesley Matthews, approves deal


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After one of their wings was traded away and two more traded on the free agent market, the Lakers quickly switched to shoring up their depth at the start of the free agency.

The Athletic was the first to report that the Lakers signed up for Wesley Matthews, a 34-year-old 6-foot-4 wing, who most recently served as the starter for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Texas native and 11-year-old veteran is keen to help the Lakers get back to the NBA finals next season.

Matthews is expected to be signed for $ 3. According to The Athletic, 6 million for the upcoming season with the semi-annual Lakers exception.

Matthews average 7. 4 points, 2. 5 rebounds and 1. 4 templates for the dollars last season when starting 67 games. He also shot 36. 4 percent from the 3-point range. Matthews has been a mainstay of some of the best Milwaukee lineups last season, and the Bucks enjoyed a 12-plus. 2 net rating when Matthews was on the ground last season. He could work particularly well as a corner threat, where he shot 42 percent last season – making him an ideal match for LeBron James.

He’s also been a stabilizing force for a Bucks locker room that had some profound challenges this past season, including starting a work hiatus in the middle of the NBA reboot.

Matthew’s career has taken a detour through Utah, Portland, Dallas, New York, Indiana and Milwaukee. Marquette’s once uncovered prospect has never won an NBA championship.

The Lakers will likely turn to Matthews to replace Danny Green’s production (8 ppg, 36). 7 percent from the 3-point range), which was traded for Dennis Schröder in Oklahoma City earlier this week. Getting Matthews for a low price is also a huge plus for a Lakers team that has big bucks to do this season.

Defensive Wings Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Avery Bradley both turned down their player options and are unrestricted free agents.

The move indicates the Lakers are not spending over the « apron » salary of $ 138. 9 million this year: As part of the collective agreement, the use of the semi-annual exception becomes a « hard cap ». “However, the Lakers also expect a full mid-level exception worth up to $ 9. 3 million for another player in the market.

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World News – USA – Report: Lakers, veteran wing Wesley Matthews agree to sell
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