YouTube Went Down for a Few Minutes and the Internet Freaked Out


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    Some things are constant within the world of the Internet — confusing controversies, stranger-than-fiction moments, and frustration over occasional outages. On Thursday, YouTube was the latest to briefly suffer this kind of setback, with the famous video streaming service going down for around 5-10 minutes.

    As one would safely expect, YouTube users quickly turned to Twitter to share their frustration about the outage, and wonder what they would do if the service went down for long stretches of time. Many also acknowledged the irony of complaining about a social media platform’s problems on… another social media platform. Here are some of our favorite tweets about the whole ordeal.

    Why do I go on twitter immediately to check if YouTube/Instagram/Netflix/Zoom/grindr/Apple Music is down. Where would I go if Twitter is down though

    all of us staring at our screens wondering if it’s just that we have shitty internet or that YouTube died#YouTubeDOWN

    I love how Twitter is now the instant go to when a site like YouTube is down.#YouTubeDOWN


    YouTube down

    World news – AU – YouTube Went Down for a Few Minutes and the Internet Freaked Out

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