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The brand purports that it can remove up to 14 years' worth of staining and give you a whiter smile after just three days of use, which was exactly what I needed ahead of a recent big event.
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled air fryers and contact Secura for an Amazon gift card in the amount of $45 or a free replacement at consumer’s choice with Secura products as listed on Secura’s webpage at https://www.thesecura.com/recall/. To receive the gift card or replacement product consumers must provide their contact information and submit photos of the recalled unit with the power cord cut off and include information of the product’s date code located at the bottom of the product. No receipt is needed to receive a replacement. Secura is contacting all known purchasers.
The Federal Trade Commission and 17 states sued Amazon, saying its conduct in its online store and services to merchants illegally stifled competition.
Le sac à main est sans doute l’accessoire le plus important pour une femme. Chez Amazon, le sac à main XL est à prix tout doux.
Depuis le mois de juin, la firme de Seattle propose, sur certains produits, un résumé des avis clients généré par une intelligence...-E-commerce
Amazon has a debt-to-equity ratio of 60.1%, which is calculated from its total shareholder equity of $154.5 Billion & total debt of $92.9B
Amazon posted its strongest earnings beat since the end of 2020, and gave upbeat guidance for the third quarter.
Amazon investors will be focused on cloud revenue growth, retail margins and commentary around artificial intelligence in the company's earnings report.
Le géant du commerce électronique Amazon a lancé une nouvelle section sur sa plateforme pour tenir les utilisateurs au courant des rappels de produits qu'ils ont achetés et des alertes de sécurité associées. La page nouvellement lancée s'intitule "Your Recalls and Product Safety Alerts", ce qui se traduit par "Vos…