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Burt Young - known for his role as Paulie Pennino in the Rocky franchise - has passed away at the age of 83 earlier this month on October 8 in Los Angeles, which was confirmed by his daughter.
A former boxer from the streets of Queens, he became a scene stealer with his portrayals of mobsters, cops and working men with soul.
The California Democrat, the oldest member of Congress, had suffered a precipitous decline in health in recent months.
In his 23-year career, all of it with the Baltimore Orioles, he had 2,848 hits and 268 home runs. But he was best known for his unparalleled defense.
Harwell was a founding member of the band, which broke out with hit songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star.”
The commercials he created, with their “ch-ch-ch-Chia” jingle, became as much a vivid part of American consumer life as the goofy product they sold.
Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has died. He had an enormous impact on American politics and religion. Robertson turned a tiny Virginia television station into the far-reaching Christian Broadcasting Network, where he hosted the flagship “700 Club” show for half a century. Robertson ran for president as a Republican in 1988, and from that experience founded the Christian Coalition, which helped cement the Republican Party's enduring alliance with evangelical voters. Robertson also drew attention for his televised pronouncements of God’s judgment on America for everything from homosexuality to teaching evolution. Robertson died Thursday at the age of 93.
A Baptist minister and a broadcaster, he turned evangelicals into a powerful constituency that helped Republicans capture Congress in 1994. He had earlier run for president.
He appeared in Off Broadway roles before starring on CBS as one of two young men who find adventure crossing the country in a Corvette convertible.
After more than a decade of hit records with his brothers, he found success as a solo performer and a star of the series “Daniel Boone.”