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Bay Street shoppers were abruptly evacuated Sunday afternoon amid reports of a large brawl involving hundreds of juveniles and gunfire. Reports of the number of juveniles involved ranged from 100 to as many as 400. The mall has been plagued by similar incidents in the past but none involving gunfire. Audio from when shots fired went out. “We’re calling everybody.” pic.twitter.com/Ht8BSqMaRe — Scanner Berkeley (@ScanBerkeley) August 28, 2023 “I was at AMC Bay Street just now watching a movie when the lights came on in the middle of the screening around 6 p.m. and a staffer entered the theater to
"There were just these throngs of kids -- I want to say 300, 400 kids," a witness said. "Things were fine. It was just a little strange, and then all of a sudden, they started running towards us. We thought there was like gunfire or a knife or something happened."
Emeryville police say they were on the scene Sunday evening after about 300 juveniles broke into groups and were involved in multiple fights near the AMC Theater on Bay and Shellmound Streets.