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Department of Justice loses appeal against earlier court decision that would grant gay couples housing rights under Home Ownership Scheme.
With the stroke of a pen, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis authorized a state budget that offers a clear look into his right-wing worldview.
Under a barrage of criticism, the Dodgers rescinded an invitation to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, before later reinviting the satirical LGBTQ+ group.
The six-week ban DeSantis signed into law is impressing the primary’s anti-abortion crowd, but it could hurt him in a general election.
Ron DeSantis’s war on ‘wokeness’ is part of a larger effort to make Black people feel unwelcome, their identities un-American
There is always one contestant who brings queer joy to Eurovision. At this year’s second semi-final, that contestant was Gustaph.
The majority of the 1,700 people who live in Rolling Fork have lost their homes after last month’s deadly tornado
Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson claims that “God hates homosexuality” to try and stop her city from hosting a pride parade.