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Indonesia's environment ministry on Monday denied accusations that forest fires in Sumatra and its portion of Borneo island, which have blanketed some of its cities with thick haze, have also affected air quality in neighbouring Malaysia.
China's growth rate is projected to dip to 4.8 per cent in 2023 and further to 4.4 per cent in 2024 due to declining consumer confidence, as per S&P Global. Other countries...
KUALA LUMPUR: Flash floods are occurring in several states due to heavy rain and thunderstorms as the country undergoes the monsoon transition phase t...
Neuf ans après la disparition du vol MH370 de la Malaysia Airlines avec 239 passagers à son bord, de nouveaux indices pourraient éclairer les raisons de ce dramatique événement grâce à l’étude de coquillages marins, selon le numéro de Ouest-France du jeudi 24 août 2023.
The band has cancelled upcoming concerts in Indonesia - where homosexuality is shunned - and Taiwan.
Spain to vote in national election that could move the country right, Russian strike damages historic cathedral in Odessa, and more