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The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm watch for the Santa Clarita Valley on Friday, prompting fears of flash floods.
As Hurricane Hilary approaches Southern California, experts offer tips to help you prepare and stay safe during hurricane season.
A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued in 27 PA counties until Thursday evening. See the latest:
No damages were immediately reported and the earthquake did not trigger a tsunami warning.
“Yeah, its been a very busy summer, bit of a slow start but once it picked up it did get busy. Its been high demand summer, its always high demand around here. Its been a busy few weeks.”
The Michigan State Veterinarian’s Office released a statement warning pet owners their pets could also be in danger outdoors.
Something for the weekend: Just under 4,000 UK job openings between March and May 2023 included the term ‘dog-friendly workplace’, according to research by job advert search engine Adzuna and luxury British pet brand Lords and Labradors. If anyone’s having a ball, it’s the people who secured these roles. Released to coincide with National Bring […]
“Dime-sized” hail pelted parts of eastern Tennessee on Monday, June 5, as severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in the region.This video was taken by Paula Parks, who said she filmed it from her home in Powell on Monday afternoon. “Dime-sized hail coming down hard in Powell,” she wrote in the caption.According to the National Weather Service, isolated storms could produce damaging winds and ping-pong-ball-size hail in the area throughout Monday. Credit: Paula Parks via Storyful