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“The emotion is hard to watch,” D.C. Fire and EMS Chief John Donnelly said after delivering the news that several dogs have died in the flooding inside a pet day care and boarding facility in Northeast.
OMG 2 box office collection day 4: The Akshay Kumar starrer has become the second film after The Kerala Story to have a Monday better than its opening Friday. Its total collections are now Rs 54.61 crore.
A buddy comedy about two telemarketers who start investigating their own company becomes an astonishing 20-year odyssey revealing who’s really behind a billion-dollar sales scam.
There’s glimmers of brilliance in this otherwise mixed bag. Read the NME review of Miles Kane's fifth solo album.
The Japanese House returns with an LP combining lofty pop melodies with introspective tales.
Read the comprehensive CapitalBMarket.com review and explore a world of diverse assets, powerful trading tools, and full-service customer support. 
The debt erasure applies to long-time borrowers who should have qualified for loan forgiveness under the rules of the government's income-driven repayment plans, but haven't received it.
TV Fanatic chatted with Brec Bassinger about her leading role in V.C. Andrews' Dawn, working with multi-generational icons, and much more. Check it out!
Cut short by an episode, HBO's disastrous music industry drama became as illogical as it was boring and sexist