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Audrey Tautou est à retrouver ce soir sur Arte dans "Ensemble, c'est tout", un film de Claude Berri datant de 2007. Mais depuis quelque temps, l'actrice n'apparaît plus à l'écran. Elle s'est déjà exprimée à ce sujet.
Bruce Springsteen is reportedly in poor health as he has had to postpone concerts. This is not the first time this year that "illness" has been listed as the reason for concert delays
In a new cover story for Australia's 'Stellar' magazine, actress Nicole Kidman explained why she graced the cover of the 'Vanity Fair' 2022 Hollywood issue in a meme-sparking Miu Miu miniskirt and belted bralette.
The court finds the late artist's painting of Prince infringed on a photographer's copyright.
The US Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a photographer was denied fair payment over the publication of an Andy Warhol print of the singer Prince, in a case with major implications for copyright law…
Last weekend, Harry did a solo trip to London to watch his father, King Charles III, be crowned as the next monarch in following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Can you tell your fictional much-married media magnate-cum-patriarch from his real-life equivalent? Take our quiz to find out
FX has set a new docuseries, “The Secrets of Hillsong,” which will feature the first interviews with married couple Carl and Laura Lentz since they were ousted as pastors of the infamou…
BEIJING: China's steel futures have expanded as the country presses to curb production amid a seasonal pickup in demand.